Charlotte’s Love Story: The Proposal

Last December, Ads took Charlotte to Norway and proposed to her. This was no surprise to us. Ads had approached Gary a couple of years prior to this and expressed his wish to marry Charlotte sometime in the future. Just before they went away, he double checked it was okay.

They had a wonderful time away with each other. He popped the question and she, of course, said yes.

The plan was to get married after Ads had completed his degree. But things were to soon change.

As summer approached, it became clear to them both that they did not want to wait. Both wanted to have a super small wedding. The most important thing for them, and the one thing they refused to budge on, was the fact they wanted to get married in church, before God, with traditional vows.

In the end, they chose a date in August and got to planning their perfect wedding. Things came together remarkably quickly and easily.

Tomorrow, I will share some photos from Charlotte’s small but wonderful bachelorette party.

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