A Homespun Hen Night {Charlotte’s Love Story}

Homespun Hen Night

Lillie and I organised a lovely homespun hen night for Charlotte. The only things Charlotte wanted was for it to be small, at home and all about the pink! Everyone got in on the night. Ollie, Charlotte’s best friend, took her shopping in Kingston for the day to allow us to set up (thanks Ollie!).

Homespun Hen Night Set Up

Abigail did all the mundane, boring stuff like polishing the glasses and the cutlery. I appreciate her so much because Lillie, Becs and I are artist types. We can do the creative stuff but are less good at the practical stuff. Abs just gets on with it, working quietly in the background. Without her there would have been no homespun hen night!

Homespun Hen Night setting up the room

Lillie did the balloons, the signs, set up the loo paper wedding dress station and the pink relaxing area (see above). Becca created some beautiful heart shaped napkins and decorated the gluten free, dairy free, everything free cake (which given the number of ‘frees’ it was super expensive! I decorated the table, asking all the people who were coming to write characteristics they loved about Charlotte onto heart shaped card.

Those who have been reading this blog since its conception may have noticed the medieval doll that Charlotte sewed the clothes for during her medieval project. There is a long standing joke in our family that this is the creepiest doll ever! People have been known to turn the doll around at night time because they can’t get to sleep with it watching them (ahem, Lillie, cough). And what’s creepier than a creepy doll? A creepy doll wearing a veil of course!

Setting up the room

Letters, Presents and Lots of Pink

Everyone arrived before Charlotte. They had all been asked to wear pink and bring a love letter to Charlotte. There were gifts to open and letters to read, and pink pyjamas for Charlotte to get into. Lillie had made tee shirts for us all. Her one said ‘Twin of the bride’, mine said ‘mother of the bride’ and the girls’ t-shirts said ‘sister of the bride’:

Photo Booth

We’d got a blow up photo frame and spent some time getting lots of photos with Charlotte. There were fun props which everyone thoroughly enjoyed using:

Homespun Hen Night Photo Booth

Charlotte had to get a step stool to be able to get a photo with Ollie because she is so short and he so tall:

Photo Booth

Loo Paper Wedding Dress for a Homespun Hen Night

This was such a great and inexpensive activity, perfect for a homespun hen night! We divided into two teams, one with Charlotte and one with her twin. The goal was to create a wedding dress for the actual bride (Charlotte) and another for her twin:

Homespun Hen Night wedding dress from loo paper

They would then walk down the cat walk and there would be votes for the best dress. This was SO much fun!! Of course our team won (because I was in it, of course) because Charlotte really had to be the winner as it was her hen night!

Homespun Hen Night

We finished the night watching Mama Mia which I blubbed my way through 😭

Mama Mia

This was the most perfect hen night for Charlotte. It was small, intimate and ended before her bedtime, which is important when you are chronically ill!


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