The Chronicles of Narnia Unit Study

Chronicles of Narnia Unit Study

We will be carrying out the Chronicles of Narnia unit study over the next year and will be using all of C S Lewis’ books from the series. I am so excited about teaching my girls literature this year. We will be using these books to explore both literature and language skills.

The Chronicles of Narnia Unit Study: Resources

Seriously, the best part of any homeschool unit study is the sourcing of all the materials. I love seeing a unit come together! Firstly, we will be using the Harper-Collins hardback versions of the books. These are beautiful books which are illustrated with cute black and white drawings. We will be using Further Up and Further In by Diane Pendergraft as our main spine, supplemented by this Classroom Activity Guide.

Finding Narnia is a perfect biographical book about CS Lewis and his brother, and as a picture book it is just right for younger children. We will use EJ Kirk’s The Chronicles of Narnia: Beyond the Wardrobe alongside our read alouds, in addition to The Land of Narnia by Brian Sibley. I have also bought the Companion to Narnia: A Complete Guide to the Magical World of C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia. I thought this was a large picture book with colourful maps and fun visual study aids. Unfortunately, it is more of a Narnia Encyclopaedia. Whether we use it or not remains to be seen:

Goals for this Study

This is primarily going to be a study focused on improving the girls’ writing. Abigail is heading towards GCSEs, and Becca we are a little worried about her lack of progress in her spelling. The last year has definitely been the best in terms of the progress she has made, but I am still a little bit concerned she may have dyslexia.

The following things I definitely want to include:

Fun Additions

At the end of each book we will have a themed video night. The videos will include the Disney films (of course) and also Shadowlands, a film about CS Lewis. I have also bought a Chronicles of Narnia recipe book which we will use for food and snacks on these nights:

I’ll be posting about our Narnia adventures once a month in my Homeschool Logbook and I will also be adding to this post to create an all inclusive post about our learning.

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