Cinquain Poetry by T13

The premise of Cover Story is that the author teaches the student how to write the entire content for a magazine with a theme of their own choosing.  T has chosen Fantasy Literature to base his magazine on.  He really enjoys the fantasy genre having read all the Narnia books, The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings before he was ten.  Harry Potter I wanted to put off for as long as possible and so he has only just read the entire set during one of his unschool weeks.  It is Hogwarts which is fresh in his mind so much of his work has been centered around the Hogwarts’ characters.

These are a couple of his Cinquain poems (5 line poetry)

Voldemort sending a spell at Harry


Killing spell

Flies towards Harry.

Hits chest, flung back,


 Azog fighting Thorin

A blade

Comes flying near

Thorin parries blade; thrust

Blade at Azog: pierces throat. Pain.

Dark death.

Here was I expecting a nice nature type poem, a bit like you would expect from a Haiku.  But no, instead I get death and darkness.  I thought the poem was good though!


  1. Interesting (and not totally unexpected) how different T13’s and C12’s poems reflect their current interests. Tiger managed to stay on the ‘nice nature poem’ style in his recent cinquains but T is a few years older so he is probably exploring the darker side of things at the moment.

  2. Boys! LOL If Firecracker were to decide to write a poem, it would be all Pokemon and battling! The poems are nice though, and being a fan of both series of books, I can relate 🙂

  3. I have to say when I read the title of the first cinquain, I laughed out loud. Darkness indeed! Though well written – I’m so curious as to how the entire fantasy magazine will come together.

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