Clueless with Claire: Pond Work

Today’s post should not strictly be called ‘Clueless with Claire’, more ‘Clueless with Gary’! Except that Gary has more clues than me. Hmmm, perhaps ‘Somewhat Clueful with Gary’? (Although spell check does not like that!). Whatever the case, this week’s post comes to you three days late and is all about Gary’s exploits in the garden rather than mine.

We have been talking about getting a pond for ages, but never really had anywhere to put it. As we have been clearing areas, this fairly barren part of the garden, underneath the now dead plum tree, seemed perfect:

We thought it would be nice if we built a waterfall for moving water, as well as surrounding the pond with lots of nature loving plants and stones for frogs and newts to hide near. Our new seating area is perfectly placed to sit and watch the nature and listen to the trickling water. Ah, perfect!

So Gary and the littles got digging:

Gary did some research of preformed ponds and pond mats and decided to go with the pond mats as they were significantly cheaper than the alternative.

Again, the littles helped daddy to lay it and fill it up:

As you can see, they have begun placing the stones we got for nothing from Granny, and also some from Gary’s work:

They did a great job:

We have a few plants which the children bought for Gary at the garden centre, including a lovely floating Lillie. Oh, and we have a frog who Becca has called Francis, a nice gender neutral name, as we are not sure of its sex…if indeed frogs have a sex??

Until next time, tarah for now!


  1. So exciting! Your yard is going to look like a botanical garden when you are finished. Such a nice place to sit and relax. I’ll be right over!

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