Precious Moments

Precious Moments

I almost didn’t write this as I feel like I have spent the week either making hospital appointments, worrying about hospital appointments, keeping hospital appointments and celebrating the good news afterwards.

There have been no photos of busy and joyful children because this week has been full of tears, worry and at times terror. A rather large, perfectly circular purple mark appeared on my melanoma scar exactly where the melanoma was the first time round. It was flat so didn’t show the normal signs of a returning melanoma which tends to be nodular. But it was not normal and so I made an appointment with a gp who referred me under the two week rule to see a dermatologist.

I saw her on Tuesday, after a day fraught with tears and worries from everyone in the house. Anyway, the dermatologist took one look at it through her melanoma tool thingy and declared it to be not cancer. I asked her about five times if she was 100% certain, and squealed far too loudly after she said she was absolutely 100% certain. I was so happy and so relieved. She thinks it is a varicose vein in the scar. So I’m not ill, just old. She checked me all over and found some ageing growths on my back, confirming her ‘old’ diagnosis, and told me that they would only get bigger. So that’s something to look forward to…

Apologies for the lack of content and photos, but my heart wasn’t in it this week.


  1. Prayers of gratitude for your health. I appreciate that your posts are real, & not all just “sunshine & roses.” It helps keep life in perspective!

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