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One of my goals this month was to publish a new range of notebooks with Amazon. The good thing about doing this is that it costs me nothing but time. I’m not necessarily expecting them to sell well on Amazon as I think the market is completely saturated with low content books such as these. Mine are a little different to most though as they contain my own art. I am hoping that once I get a shop up and running here on angelicscalliwags, they may sell a bit better. For now, though, the goal is simply creating them. The latest ones I’ve just published are my new Cottage Garden Notebooks. I thought I’d show you how they turned out.

These Cottage Garden notebooks use my butterfly painting and the red bird from my whale painting:

Cottage Garden Notebooks

I usually make a plain one, a lined one, an alternating line and plain one, a graphed one and finally a dotted one. Amazon KDP seem to have changed their policy and they don’t allow completely plain books anymore…so I added a buzzy bee to each page…which I like even more than plain:

Cottage Garden Notebooks

Alternating plain and lined:

Cottage Garden Notebooks

Fully lined:

Lined Notebooks


Graphed notebook

I still have some tweaks to do to these because I haven’t quite got the yellow right in all four of the ones I’ve done so far. Also I have yet to publish the dotted one. Once I’ve sorted out the minutae I will share the links just in case you’d like to get yourself one 😊

What do you think of my cottage garden notebooks? Which do you prefer – the Sea-life journals or the Cottage Garden ones?


    1. Thank you. I think I might do something like that on all of them…actually I think I have to because KDP have changed their rules…

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