Precious Moments in September

Precious Moments

September is a huge month for birthdays. Gary’s was the first, on the first. Becca was starting her football on this day so Gary and I celebrated the day before by going out to the Spaghetti Tree for dinner. I am doing my best to actually get back into the habit of taking photos wherever we go. I got a couple of not very good ones! The first is us over by the pond opposite the restaurant and the second is of the syringe full of cheese sauce that Gary got with his burger! We were very confused and much giggling ensued about possible uses (enema…) which set the tone for the evening:

The next day, on his actual birthday, we prepared a tea for him which he had when he got back from work. We also popped cards and presents on the table.

The children had grouped together and bought Gary tickets for he and Becca to do the Dare Skywalk at Tottenham Hotspur’s Stadium, which he was thrilled with. I had used money I’d earn from selling my cards to buy him a pond book, a pond ornament and a promise to go and buy some fish for the pond the next day.

The next day came, and armed with his birthday money, we headed off to a garden centre and pond centre to spend it! Gary bought a heap of plants, which he was very happy with and instead of fish, he bought some oxygenating pond plants (to sort out the pond weed issue we have) and I bought three snails. Yes, I know, I hate snails…but these are pond snails…and they were cute. So I named them Lillie, Charlotte and Thomas (lol, I’m too funny!) 😂 I had to snap a photo of Gary in the pond, because who doesn’t like a man in rubber trousers which come up to the chest?!

Next was Abigail’s birthday. For this we had a couple of things planned. The first was a surprise murder mystery party:

Murder mystery party

And the second was a party with some of her friends playing team games:

As I’ve already posted, Charlotte and Ads got married at the end of August. They had a very quiet church wedding and a tiny reception at a gorgeous restaurant. They did this for a variety of reasons, one being Charlotte’s health:

However, they wanted to have an informal gathering to celebrate their nuptials in our garden at a later date and that date fell the weekend after Abs’ birthday:

Lastly, there was my birthday. I asked Gary to redo my office as my birthday present. I have a teensy winsy office area in what used to be the porch way of our old 200 year old cottage. It is just big enough for a desk, some shelves and a chair. There is an ancient stable door (the original front door) which can be opened fully or just opening the top half which is perfect for all types of weather. I’m going to perhaps vlog about my new office area when it’s finished but I shall leave you with a few process photos to keep you going:

Lillie then had her university fresher’s fair which she asked me to join her for. So we spent the morning up in London finding out what her new uni had to offer. We had such a lovely day together. How blessed am I that she wanted me to go with her? Look at how happy she looks in her new UAL (University Arts London) hoodie! Once we had returned home, I collected the car and the rest of the girls and headed off to the nearest oldieworldie town for Girls’ Club. I had a bubble tea for the first time ever, so had to take a photo of that (of course!):

And finally just some lovely photos of very precious moments over the last few weeks:

So many lovely photos! I am super impressed with myself!!


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