Creating a Tiny Office {Seasons of Joy}

Creating a tiny office

Over the past month, we have been reorganising our very small porch way and creating a tiny office for me. This was very much a labour of love for Gary, who did the entire thing himself, according to the specs I had given him. This was his birthday present to me. And literally if I never get another present from him again, this will be enough. He worked his little socks off over a long weekend. He hand-cut, hand-sanded and hand-waxed each shelf, repainted the room, hung curtains and filled in holes (not in that order!).

Gary working away

As you can see, this is a really, really small space. In fact, it only measures one meter by just under two meters. It really is almost too small to be an office…almost. Living in a small cottage with sometimes up to nine other people has meant that I am particularly skilled at making the most of every centimetre of space we have.

I’ve included some of the process photos above 👆 They are all fairly self explanatory.

Creating a Tiny Office Space of my Dreams

Gary is amazing at bringing my dreams into reality. It is a little bit like having an Aladdin lamp. I rub it and up pops Aladdin Gary to make my every wish come true!


So I asked him for shelves to go along two of the walls. He made corner shelves which fit perfectly and made the absolute most of the space. He even curved the corner on the ones close to my head so that I didn’t bang it every time I stood up:

Creating a tiny office

You can see from above ☝️ and below 👇 that he managed to make three corner shelves. These shelves are home to my master’s degree stuff and my small art business and all its paraphernalia. He also hung a heart shaped wire thing which holds little cards. This is where I keep notes about my masters. My actual desk is deep enough that I have enough room for storage for letter writing as well as a plant and a lamp:

Creating a tiny office

I wanted it to be autumn themed because autumn is my favourite month of the year and the colours are so intrinsically warm and cosy. The shabby chic pin board was perfect! And online I found some gorgeous hand sewn pins in autumnal colours…aren’t they beautiful?

Creating a tiny office

I already had the patchwork quilt, a present from Lillie last Christmas. Gary also hung a long curtain to stop any drafts coming through the door. I have a lovely blue hand made draft excluder cat coming soon which will lie at the bottom of the curtain for some extra insulation.

Creating a tiny office

And a picture with the very cool stable doors open. Could I have a more beautiful office? (Hint – the answer is a huge no!):

the very cool stable doors

How blessed am I?


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