November Precious Moments

Can you believe Christmas is in less than a month?! Christmas has well and truly come to our house, and if Becca had anything to do with it, it would have started the day after Christmas last year! Yes, my youngest does love anything Christmas related… as you can see on family video night:

As a surprise we took both her and Abigail to the Christmas shop at a nearby town:

At the weekend we put up (half) of the Christmas decorations:

We have been plodding away with school, and I think doing very well. Especially since I am also studying hard along side the girls. I am loving my course and am learning so much about children and young people. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Becca is currently working on her English and Maths skills out of workbooks. I don’t love that but they do the job and it’s over and done with in an hour each morning. Becs likes to be learning independently, and is doing really well with her interest learning.

Matisse is her artist of choice this term. Matisse is well known for all sorts of art, but most prominently as a collage maker. This is completely new to Becca and I have enjoyed watching her come up with unique ways to make her collage more like Matisse’s. If the mess in her bedroom is anything to go by, she has been most productive!

Becs has also moved onto the second unit of her Textiles qualification. She had to design and embroider a Christmas decoration. She designed a gingerbread house and it was so cool!

Abigail is doing well with all her courses. She is continuing with Wolsey Hall for English and Spanish and will be starting on Conquer Maths in the new year. Her marks have been high and she is thoroughly enjoying learning like this.

In the afternoons, Abigail has been completing her Environmental Science and Geography GCSEs (her interest led learning) as well as a general science book for her age, which she completes independently.

Each morning I read a Bible lesson, a history lesson and a human anatomy lesson. The girls also read a human anatomy magazine (I have about forty five which cover the whole body) and lastly I read aloud from a few World War One books we are finishing off.

Abigail also had her Christmas concert for her drama classes. Lillie helped out on the night:

Whilst Charlotte, Gary and I watched:

Abigail was brilliant, as was Evie-Mae:

Both Evie-Mae got their Drama exam results back. Both did so well! Evie-Mae got 97% (!) in her grade four Lamda and Abs got 94% in her grade three!

We’ve done a small amount of gardening…

Charlotte dug up all the parsnips…I’m not sure why but my camera suddenly began taking photos in black and white:

and then went back to colour 🤷🏻‍♀️
We did get lots of parsnips, albeit very, very odd shaped ones:

Charlotte is doing really well in her Open University degree, receiving three marks off a first on her first assignment. She’d rather be at a bricks and mortar uni but her health is still up and down, although very much better than the last 12 months. It won’t surprise you to know that she has been doing NANOWRIMO, and just today she reached the 50000 word goal.

Lillie is enjoying university, and is completely burning the candle at both ends! She studies full time, works three shifts a week as a waitress, volunteers as a youth leader at church and still finds time to attend two interviews for Camp America!

I’m not sure if I have shared this before but Lillie applied to Camp America to work on a camp for adults with learning difficulties next summer. Gary and I met on a Camp in New York called Camp Echo. It has now changed name but they got in contact with her last week and asked her to interview for their camp. They had seen her application and because she had done so much work with adults and children with learning difficulties they wanted her! The camp her mum and dad met at!! So cool! She had the interview last Friday and was accepted on the spot. So Lillie is off to the states for three months next summer!

Well, on that exciting note, I shall go so I can actually get this posted in November. 😉

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  1. SO neat that your daughter might work at the camp you and your husband met at! Sounds like everyone is doing really well. My youngest likes working out of workbooks too because he likes to be independent and get his schoolwork done as quickly as possible. I prefer a more hands on approach but figure I have to let him be him.

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