Do The Next Thing

Spending ten days away from home, visiting friends and family in Northern Ireland, was bliss. We all had a much needed break and came back home energised.

However, three days later, I felt like I needed to go back on holiday again! I was EXHAUSTED. To be honest, I was a bit concerned. Why so tired?

Yes, lack of sleep…boring but true…but I think it was more than that.

On holiday, I had not eaten as healthily. Whilst I’d gone for a daily walk, I’d not been to the gym at all. And, I’d put on half a stone. Sigh.

Coming back home, I’d needed to drag myself back into my lovely morning routine, once more.

Except, this was hard.

There was one particular day when I had not slept well. Gary went off to work at 4 and I lay in bed, wide awake, but not wanting to get up. Not wanting to go through the motions of Noom, devotions and prayer. And definitely not wanting to go for the long walk with Harvey.

I was so tired.

So I did the next thing.

I went to the loo!

Then weighed myself…

Then brushed my teeth…

And made myself coffee.

By the time I’d worked my way through Noom, spent some time with God and finally got dressed, I was ready to tackle the walk.

On account of my poor attitude, I’d left the house twenty minutes late.

I pushed myself to walk a little faster, so that, by the time I’d finished my walk, I’d finished it in record time, out of breath and miraculously feeling much more myself, energetic and less tired.

I’d like to say that the energy lasted all day.

It did not.

It barely lasted until mid-morning.

But I kept on keeping on.

I did the next thing. Again and again.

By the end of the day, I’d completed everything only list, walked 17000 steps and was even more tired than before.

That night I went to bed at 730pm and rested.

The next morning I did the same thing.

Today, as I sit here and type this, I am beginning to feel less tired. The rhythm of my day is returning. My body is getting used to the routine it forgot during my holiday.

In just doing the next thing, over and over, it has got easier.


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