Taking Time to Listen

Each morning, at five, I walk my dog for about 40 minutes. Whilst I do listen to an Audibles book during this time, I also take moments to pray for friends as I pass by their houses. It’s incredible the answers to these prayers even though most of the people don’t even know I am praying for their families.

Yesterday I forgot my phone, which meant no book to listen to. I was only halfway down the track road leading out from our home, so it would have been simple to have turned back and fetched it.

I chose not to, though, deciding instead to simply enjoy the peace.

I like to be busy and productive. I know from many years of being me, that being busy and productive in meaningful work ensures my own happiness and contentedness. So I plan my days so they are full.

This is marvellous. We have a happy Claire and stuff gets done. Good, no?

There is a flip side to this. I am often so busy cramming in just one more thing, that I am not so available to listen…

to my own heart…

to the world around me…

and most importantly, to God.

Yesterday, I was forced into quietness. As I prayed for my friends, I felt nudged by God to add some more people to my daily prayer walk.

In fact, I believe God was telling me He wanted me to pray for ten families.

Don’t ask me why the number ten, but this was the number which kept going round and round in my head.

As I walked, I considered who else to add. I knew it needed to be related to my walk because I have a sieve as a brain and would almost certainly instantly forget who I was meant to be praying for.

I needed reminders.

Like walking past their houses each morning whilst walking the dog.

I asked God who?

Over the course of the walk God prompted me to think of other families to pray for with some prompts to help me remember. When I got home that morning, I wrote them all down. It won’t surprise you to know that I now had exactly ten families to pray for.

God had supplied me with the ten families He wants me to pray for each morning, and it will be my privilege to do so.

‘Forgetting’ my phone yesterday, created the perfect environment for God to talk and , more importantly, for me to hear.

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