First Day Back to Homeschool

First Day Back at Homeschool

Today was our first day back to homeschool. I realised I may only have four more of these, depending on whether Becs decides to head off to school in the future. I wanted to mark it in some way, but because most of the girls courses are online, I have no adventure boxes for the girls to get excited about. Also, whilst it may be the first day back to homeschool, they still have most of their stationary from last year.

So, How Did I Mark The First Day Back to Homeschool?

Firstly, I made a special ‘first day back to homeschool’ breakfast. This consisted of gluten and dairy free chocolate muffins and blueberry muffins as well as some fresh blueberries on the side. Secondly, I did buy a couple of gifts for them, although nothing really special. Becs got a watercolour art pad for her mixed-media, textiles and photography diplomas. I also got her three folders to keep the accompanying workbooks in. And I bought both girls a new pencil case, although I don’t think they really needed one…

The most well received present was a student diary from Ruby Granger at Pumpkin Productivity. Abs and Charlotte love Ruby and watch her videos regularly. Needless to say, Charlotte is very jealous!

First Day Back at Homeschool

A Surprise for Abigail

Tomorrow is Abigail’s 15th birthday (15!!!) and while she is having a party in a couple of weeks’ time which she has organised, we had planned a murder mystery party as well. Up until today, she knew nothing about that. So, I decided I would get both girls a flapper dress and some accessories (the murder mystery is set in the 1920’s). I wrapped these up as a little extra for the first day back at homeschool and as a way to actually tell Abs it was happening! They were very happy!

First Day Back at Homeschool

Preparations for the Coming Year

The rest of the day was spent preparing for the year to come. Abigail needed to officially enrol into her GCSE classes. This year she is studying psychology, sociology, biology, chemistry, physics (with Home Made Education) and maths GCSE (Conquer Maths). She will also be completing a pre-GCSE English course.

After a few mishaps due to some kind of brain malfunction on my behalf, we got her enrolled. She will be spending the rest of the day reading all the pre-course blurb.

I gave Rebecca her workbooks for the next six weeks. She is working a bit more independently this year, so I went through each workbook with her.

I also put together our morning meeting basket. Below is some of the resources we are using this year, along with the first day back to homeschool gifts.


How are you celebrating your first day back?


  1. I love these photos and their faces! I feel so awful admitting I don’t do anything at all to mark our first day back to homeschooling (which will be tomorrow this year) other than allowing him to just ease into the year with 2 or 3 subjects.

    1. I haven’t done much for the past three years. I think I just realised that I only have four years left and I wanted to create some memories. I do think stationary is much more exciting when you are elementary age though!

  2. We had our first day back a few weeks ago and I had bought our girls some small things for the day which I completely forgot to give them! So they got them as second day back gifts instead 🤦🏼‍♀️

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