Reading, Listening and Watching this Weekend


I’m still very slowly reading through the essential reading for my master’s degree, Critical Practice with Children and Young People. I intend to complete this over the next month. I make notes so it’s slow progress 🙂

I love to look at the art of children’s books. I think my style of art is quite children’s book-esk. I’m not for one minute saying I’m good enough to produce art for a children’s book, but I like to look and learn from other’s art. A few weeks ago I bought ‘A Songbird Dreams of Singing’. This book has beautiful animal illustrations with poems to go along with them. This would have been a lovely book to snuggle up with little children and read at bedtime whilst looking at the pictures. I shall definitely be keeping this for my grandchildren!

I have another book in my Amazon basket which I’m hoping a member of my family might like to buy me for my birthday (hint, hint children!!) – Wonder: The Art of Beatrice Blue by Beatrice Blue. Oh my goodness, this looks like such a beautiful book!


I am currently listening to all sorts…which will probably surprise no-one! I am about a third the way through Into the Woods, which is a rather unusual book about ‘How Stories Work and Why We Tell Them’ written by creator of BBC Writers’ Academy, John Yorke. I’m enjoying it, but it hasn’t grabbed me like some of the books I listen to.

I’m also three quarters the way through Ancient Mesopotamia by the Great Courses. I have been at this for the past year, dipping in and out. This week has been a dipping in week, probably because the book I’m listening to hasn’t been gripping in the same way others have. If you have an interest in Ancient Mesopotamia, this course is fascinating and free!

Lastly, I’ve been listening to an Audible documentary Mother, Neighbour, Russian Spy, a fascinating look into Russian ‘illegals’, spies who live as Americans. A great listen!


Gary and I have been watching Silent Witness on BBC iPlayer. We’ve gone right back to the beginning and there are 26 series available so we’ll be watching these for some time to come!

I have also been enjoying The Unexpected Gypsy YouTube channel. It’s an unusual art channel which I have been working my way through – it’s great to watch an older YouTuber instead of all the younger artists!

What are you reading, watching and listening to this weekend?

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