A Letter For My Newly Eight Year Old, Becca

Eight years ago today, you, the most gorgeous red headed little girl, made your way into the world. It was the end of a long pregnancy during which I was in and out of hospital with complete placenta praevia. Bitter sweet, you were to be my last baby, a fact I was devastated about; a fact which also made me treasure every single moment with you.

Becca after opening her main present, a necklace I designed and had hand made especially for her, inscribed with ‘I loved you first’

That first year we went through a lot together. I was struggling to come to terms with not having any more children; you had leg cramps which were bad enough that you cried around the clock (we did not know you had them until you were old enough to tell us); and I had just been diagnosed with invasive malignant melanoma.

The necklace

The only time you relaxed was in my arms. I wonder sometimes if you picked up on my own struggles and that was part of the reason you cried so much. Whatever the case, we had a very special bond right from on the get go. We found comfort in each other. You were, and remain to this day, a mummy’s girl through and through.

Becca opening her gymnastics mat

Every day you bring indescribable joy to my life. You are such a precious little girl, always trying your hardest to do what is right, always anxious to do your best.

Becca, as she realises she’s been given some strawberry body spray from the Body Shop

There is so much I love about you.

Becca asked for a chocolate birthday cake, with the inside carved out and filled with sweeties. I created one with a similar design to her necklace, with heart shaped cake on top and heart shaped sweeties around the edge, filled with pick’n’mix inside

I love how much you love your family, and how you can’t think of anywhere you’d rather be than at home with us all. I love how close you are to Abigail, and even though you are polar opposites in so many ways, you still consider her your best friend. I love how much you enjoy tidying and cleaning, and I can’t help wondering where on earth you get that from. I love that you are my little helper, always near by, always willing. I love that you spend hours in your art nook, humming away home-made songs to God whilst you create home-made cards and gifts for no other reason than expressing your love to those around you.


But the thing I love the most is how much you love me, and that your very favourite place to be is in my arms, snuggling your soft little body into mine, knowing you are completely safe and sound folded in my embrace. I look forward every day to our snuggles before bedtime, all sleepy and cuddly in your pyjamas, my arms wrapped around you, as we watch the Gilmore Girls together. I love that you look at them and see us.

Baby, it is a complete honour to be your mummy. I enjoy every minute of every hour of every day loving you. You make daddy and I very proud just by being you.

Have a wonderful day today sweetheart.

Lots of love and loads of snuggles, your Mummy xxxx


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