Homeschooling with Work-Books: Jan/Feb 2019

It is half term here this week, and whilst the older ones will be playing catch up from last week (due to the two interviews), the rest of us are off. I will be doing lots of school planning, and a bit of home-making.

I want to keep a record of all the girls are learning in their workbooks. I blog extensively about the work they do in science (Apologia Elementary Science, MEL Chemistry and Curiosity Box), Màths (Life if Fred) and History/Geography (Mystery of History), I have a very comprehensive record of their work. I can’t say the same for their workbook studies.

The girls work their way through one set of books a month (approximately). Each set contains six books: Màths, English, Word Building, Creative Writing, Social Studies and Science. Abigail is about ten books behind in her màths so she covers double the amount of work in her màths to help her catch up. The work books take an hour or so each day, and make up only a small amount of their school work, yet they are vitally important to me because I know if I get caught up with the older children and their exams, I know that the little ones have at least covered the basics.

Rebecca’s Workbooks

  • Maths 1026 – Adding and carrying; borrow and subtracting; multiplication; character trait: considerate
  • English 1027 – Common and proper nouns; making nouns plural; cursive hand writing; character trait: decisiveness
  • Wordbuilding 1027 – Fifty spelling words; character trait: deternination
  • Creative Writing 1027 – Story titles; story endings; table of contents; read Summer Fun with Ace and Christi; characters, plot, setting and order of story; character trait: honesty
  • Social Studies 1027 – Maps and globes; continents; character trait: deference
  • Science 1027 – Fourth day of creation; sun, moon and stars; tides; telescope; astronauts and scientists; character trait: attentiveness

Abigail’s Workbooks

  • Maths 1035 – multiplication and division
  • English 1045 – Antonyms; synonyms; homonyms; character trait: sincerity
  • Wordbuilding 1045 – Fifty spelling word; contractions; character trait: responsibility
  • Creative Writing 1045 – Libraries; biographies and autobiographies; Hudson Taylor; Wilfred Grenfell; David Brainerd; making word clusters; character trait: obedience
  • Social Studies 1045 – Ships; Mr Adoniram Judson, a missionary to Burma; Myanmar; character trait: perseverance
  • Science 1045 – Pumps and pipes; air in the body; the heart as a pump in the body; blood vessels as pipes in the body; character trait: dependability)

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  1. I like having workbooks on hand too for entirely that reason. If nothing else I can glance through them and feel better about covering something when I might otherwise feel like we’ve been doing nothing.

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