General Progress in April

Apologies again, this will probably not interest anyone but I want to keep record of changes each month for both encouragement and accountability.

Weight loss over April = 7Ib.

Blood pressure = Lowered from 130/90 (average) to 120/80 (average)

Resting Heart Beat = Lowered from 70 to 60 beats per minute

Centimetres lost lost over the past month:

Chest: under = -4cm, over = -2cm

Bicep: right = -1cm, left = -1cm

Waist = -7cm

Hips = -4cm

Thigh: right = -1, left = -2

Calf: right = -1, left = -2

Total centimetres lost over month = 25cm

Pre-emptive changes over the next month

This month I am taking two weeks off from both walking the dog and going to the gym. I’ve hurt my shoulder which is being exacerbated by Harvey pulling me on the lead and then working out. It has been getting progressively worse so I can’t ignore it anymore.

I am gutted and scared that by taking a break I will go back to my old habits.

I plan to use this time to teach myself how to do yoga and to create a morning flow and evening flow. This will probably not help me lose any weight or inches but it will hopefully ‘keep my head in the game’ so to speak and help me to be focused on my goals.

I shall still be watching what I’m eating but I need to prepare myself for the reality of not making as much progress this coming month 🙁


  1. Yay!! What amazing progress. I completely understand your fears of taking time away to heal; but one must listen to one’s body.

    1. Thank you. The scary thing for me is that whilst good habits beget good habits, bad habits also encourage bad habits. I’m worried that without the good I shall slide into bad 🙁

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