Simple Sewing School: Hand-Sewing a Pin Cushion

Hand Sewing a Pin Cusion

I am using ‘Sewing School’ by Aime Plumley to teach the girls to hand sew. Hopefully this is a prelude to something big for Becca. Although Lillie is very creative, and has been very dedicated to arts of all kinds since the age of 12, Becca has been interested in all things creative since she first came out of me at birth. Literally, from the moment she could hold a pencil, she has created. From before she could speak, she insisted on wearing the clothes she wanted to wear; she instinctively knew what would go well together. It was obvious, even then, that she had creativity pouring out of her veins. Needless to say, she was very excited to be hand-sewing a pin cushion.

The girls have already already made a needle book, as you can see above. Now they would be making a matching pin cushion. This was as simple as it comes and the girls found this a very easy project to do. They used the pattern provided and cut it out first on paper and then out of their felt. They carefully pinned the two apple shapes together:

The girls added a little stalk, and stuffed their apple with filling, adding some pins once they’d finished. Below are the apple pin cushions with their matching needle books:

Hand-sewing a pin cushion takes time, and they both had to concentrate. That said, it was a perfect starter project for little hands.

Next, they will be making a draw string bag to keep their sewing kit in.

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