Precious Moments

Precious Moments

We started the week with devotions, workbooks and a bit of catch up work from Friday:

The girls doing their maths (in the hallway!) whilst warming up in front of the radiator

I read the Edwardian Mystery book which is getting so exciting, and a chapter of our explorer book about Robert Scott – so interesting to hear about his adventures!

The girls learnt all about birds and their nests with their Apologia Zoology. They learnt all about the Bower bird who makes a colourful gazebo-like nest full of anything they can find that is blue. However, the nest isn’t for nesting in or incubating eggs, it is actually to attract a female Bower. Once attracted, the female then goes off and makes a whole different nest of her own!

After a quick break, Becca continued with her work on Van Gogh’s sunflowers:

which she finished. Didn’t she do well?

Abigail and I went into the kitchen and cooked a chicken curry together:

As the curry took a little longer than planned, lunch break went by super quickly. The girls went back to the Apologia, finishing quickly because they had some owl vomit to study!

Actually, only one of the girls was looking forward to this particular delight! Becs was less than impressed:

Lol! Abigail, however, was really, really excited!

On the teen front, Thomas had been self isolating in the shed because he’d been around someone with a positive COVID test. Feeling a bit rough on Sunday he had a test done. Today, his test came back negative. Yay! Charlotte finished her next novel, all 55000 words of it, which she was very excited about!

Tuesday I got up late after a bad night of sleep. My two youngest had done their chores, finished their devotions and were about to start on their workbooks. I felt so blessed that not only were they able to get on with their day without me, but that they actually did. As they quietly got on with their day, I made myself a coffee and sat on the sofa, taking a few moments before I got myself into action.
The girls finished their workbooks early so I could read our Edwardian murder mystery and Robert Scott biography before they took a mid morning break.

Abigail’s delight learning took place as ever in the kitchen. She made some Peter Rabbit cup cakes. Her computer was down so she used a slightly different recipe to usual, which really wasn’t as good as the normal one. I encouraged Abs to start writing the recipes she particularly likes into her recipe book so she didn’t have to rely on the World Wide Web for her favourites.

We are still awaiting Becs’ sewing machine to be fixed, so couldn’t finish the curtains for Thomas. Instead we made a start on a couple of stuffed material hanging hearts, using some of her new sewing gifts she got for Christmas:

She prepared four hearts, ready for sewing, once the machine is fixed.

The afternoon was spent doing some work on the Antarctica and the Explorers of the Edwardian Era. We read more of Scott’s biography, learnt about glaciation, the ice, land and sea of Antarctica from Discovering Antarctica and finally we did a couple of experiments from the Polar Exploration Project. First the girls designed the best boat they could from plasticine and tried to fit as many passengers (raisins) into it before it sank:

And then they investigated the importance of balancing the load/cargo in a boat and the effects that a keel, a double keel and a weighted keel has on the boat’s ability to remain stable:

On Wednesday we took delivery of the little ones’ new shed. The girls saved and paid for it themselves, and spent the whole of Wednesday putting it up with their daddy:

Our garden is such a state at the moment. We could really do with a skip to take away all the rubbish… The girls are going to use their shed as a hang out with their friends. We are going to try to put electric to it so they can have a heater and light. They will have one of two chairs from the older ones’ hang out alongside a couple of bean bags. Happy times ahead!

Thursday was a funny day. None of us had slept very well and we all felt tired and listless. Charlotte had to get up at six for a eeg appointment. She was anxious overnight, worried about the effects of such an early appointment would have on her health.

The girls finished their workbooks whilst I put away our Abel and Cole delivery. I read many, many chapters of our Edwardian mystery book, and a couple of chapters from Robert Scott biography. Becca was flagging. Charlotte was pale. Abigail was clingy and needed lots of snuggles. I looked at my brood and made the executive decision to stop school for the day and take a family day. This was so the right decision. We all snuggled up, Thomas and Gary (who had the day off) included, and ate lots of bad for us food and spent a lovely afternoon watching Enola Holmes, a film set in the early 1900s…the period we’re currently studying. Some might say we were doing school…

Today we will be doing a bit of catch up. The girls will be learning a bit more about the Titanic and we will be (definitely) finishing up the Edwardian mystery. I am desperate to find out who dunnit?!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. So glad his test was negative! I had to laugh at the owl pellet study picture with Becs sticking out her tongue; that is exactly how I would feel too.

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