Healthy Oatmeal Breakfast

Healthy oatmeal breakfast

I love my breakfasts. Five days a week I eat a very healthy, very delicious oatmeal breakfast with nuts, seeds and fruit. It is sugar free and full of lots and lots of nutrients. Yummy!

healthy oatmeal breakfast

I roll my own oats from organic oat groats I buy in bulk. Freshly rolled oats are more moist and far tastier than their shop bought cousins. I roll about a cup or so and this does me and my four daughters perfectly. I cook them in water first then divide into two for the dairy daughters and the non dairy daughters. I add coconut milk to the non dairy and cow’s milk to the dairy one. I don’t add too much, just enough for it to be a little creamy.

Meanwhile, I add to a bowl some almonds, sunflower seeds and chia seeds and chop up a banana into each. A note about the bananas: use almost green bananas otherwise it will end up tasting like the school dinner version of soggy bananas and custard!

healthy oatmeal breakfast

I pop a scoop of the porridge over the nuts, seeds and banana and then pour some more fruit over the top:

healthy oatmeal breakfast

We all like different types. Abigail loves frozen fruit, the rest loves warmed frozen blueberries whilst I prefer fresh blueberries, but am very happy with the hot frozen ones as well.

Lastly, I add some flaxseed, biocultures and vitamin D:

I had to persuade my twins to eat this at first but now they love it like the rest of us. It is so healthy, full of goodness and calories, and easily keeps us full until lunch.

healthy oatmeal breakfast

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