Embroidery for Kids

embroidery for kids

Last year Becca began a level 1 qualification in Textiles. Her first unit was on embroidery for kids. It has been wonderful watching her enthusiasm for embroidery take off. This first unit required Becca to create a sampler of a variety of stitches. We used the following book:

Making a Simple Stitch Sampler

At first Becca found it quite difficult to follow the instructions for each stitch, but by the end she was an expert!

She learnt stacks of new stitches:

embroidery for kids

Designing and Creating a Second Sampler

Becca needed to design her own sampler, and embroider it with the stitches she had learnt in the last sampler as well as choosing a couple more to try out:

Becs really enjoyed this, especially as each stitch she sewed it seemed to get easier for her and therefore more enjoyable:

embroidery for kids

Embroidery for Kids: Making an Applique Rainbow

The last assignment in unit one was to create an appliqué rainbow. This was a totally new skill, requiring the use of fusible web and appliqué. She loved using the iron on web, which fused each colour of the rainbow together, one on top of another. Using her knowledge of embroidery stitches, she sewed each layer together.

The smallest green section was particularly hard for her, but she persevered:

embroidery for kids

Didn’t she do a great job?

I love when Becca learns something in her school and then goes off and applies it to a personal project. Over the past few weeks she has been creating Christmas decorations and presents using her embroidery skills and her newly acquired iron on fusible web skills!

Becca loves everything creative and is a very independent learner. She has made a quilt, World War One clothes, a tie dye skirt and much more! You can access all my sewing posts on my sewing page


  1. What an accomplishment! I’ve been stymied by the lazy daisy stitch for a good two decades now, so I clearly need to find a copy of Embroidery Stitches Step by Step of my own!

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