Help! I need somebody…

Help! Not just anybody! Heeeeeelllllpp….!!

Okay, enough with the Beatles!

Over the past few months I have received various emails and messages on my blog for help with various bits and pieces (I know someone asked me about Bible time, and I seem to remember promising someone else that I would put up all my Latin resources on my blog, and I vaguely remember something about Story of the World…Oh, and paper mache..?).

I am so sorry, but could anyone who did ask me anything or needs anything please email me at (alternatively you can just leave a message at the end of this post) I remember asking you all to wait until Charlotte’s exams were over and they nearly are (three more weeks). Soooo, I’d love to do everything I promised to do, but am too scatty and disorganised to remember exactly.

Life has been crazy for the past few months but has begun to slow down somewhat now to allow me the time to answer emails etc. Bearing in mind I get a fair few emails a day, the ones sent to me a few months ago have been lost in the abyss of my email account. I love to help out now I have moments to spare, so please do help me to help you!

And just in case you are not familiar with the Beatles’ song:

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