Help, Please Mummy…and More Books


Friday morning I was in my room listening to my two littlest girls in the bedroom next door.  B4 was crying over something.  This is not unusual.  Things bother B4 a great deal.  I smiled that morning because over the steady moan of frustration coming from B4 was A6’s calming voice.  A6 is a placid, naturally helpful and generally eager to please little girl.  Little bothers her and she is the perfect opposite to B4’s more fiery temperament.

It seemed B4 was unable to find the buttons of her duvet cover to strip her bed (a chore which needs to be done each Friday) and it was frustrating her, hence the tears.  A6, oblivious to the fact I was listening in, was saying to her, ‘Do you need help, B?  What do you need to do if you need help?’ She paused waiting for B to answer.  She didn’t.  A then continued…’Help please A?  If you need help you just need to ask.’  I could just imagine at this moment her popping her arm soothingly around B’s shoulders.  B had stopped crying.

‘I can’t find buttons.  Help please A.’  A6 told her what a good girl she was and helped her to find the buttons and strip her bed.  All was well in her world once more, thanks to the patient teaching of her older sister.


It made me realise how much young children take in just by listening to those around them.  I have always directed my children from a very young age to say ‘Help please, Mummy?’ anytime they needed help.  This prevented many melt downs, because whilst a young child may not be able to express clearly how she needs help, just asking for some help means they know eventually Mummy (or who ever) will figure out what is wrong and help them.  No need for tears or tantrums.

This worked exceptionally well with my older three and as soon as A was able to talk it was also brilliant for her.  B has taken a bit longer to teach.  The power of her emotions over everything often clouds her clarity of thought meaning she doesn’t often think to ask for help before crying.

But I know it’s going to be okay.  Her sweet big sister is on the case…..

Angelicscalliwags Book Bonanza


These are the next five books I am giving away.  Donna emailed me to say that the books page (which should be the very last tab at the top of my header) doesn’t show up on her computer although it is there on her daughters.  I’m a bit computer illiterate so I’m not sure why that might be. You can get to my books page by clicking here.  It is where you will find all the information pertaining to the give away.

Ribbet collagenext five books

Just email me if you would like me to send you one, any or all!


  1. So sweet! Yes, some children do take longer than others to use their words to express their needs. But (I’m hoping!) with enough love and patience they all get there eventually.

  2. Oh, Claire. That is just the sweetest story. I almost cried. You are so blessed to have such a close family. I know it means the world to you. Hugs.

    1. I really love how close all mine are. You were right in your post – the more time they spend together the closer they are. So blessed to home school!

    1. It’s always been my big priority to have a close knit family because mine growing up was the polar opposite of close. I love watching them all be friends with each other. It makes me happier than anyone will ever know!

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