IGCSE Biology: Genetics


Our biological science is based on the specification of Edexcel for their Biology IGCSE.  My goal is to very gradually work through the specification with the hope of digging a little deeper than is required and letting the children follow areas of interest.  I aim to make this study as hands on as possible and as relevant to the children’s own lives as possible.

This post will eventually contain all my Genetics related posts, which I will add as I post them.

Genetics: DNA

Ribbet collagetray1

Extracting your own DNA

Ribbet collagedna8

Scientist Study: Watson and Crick

The three different DNA models together

Genetic individuality: Finger Print Lab

Ribbet collagefplab1

Scientist Study: Gregor Mendel and his Theory of Heredity


Illustrating Mendelian Genetics: Mr and Mrs Apple-head and their Applettes


Genetics: DNA Replication

Ribbet collagedna replication2

Genetics: Cell Division – Mitosis


Genetics: Cell division – Meiosis


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Thank you all for being patient whilst I slowly reorganise my blog.


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