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I feel I need to apologise for all my posts in the coming week.  They will likely be boring for most of you to read.  I want to write some goals down for the forthcoming term.  I have in the past always written my schooling goals down but no others.  This term I want to try to attain in other areas apart from home school.  In other words I would like my life to be a bit more balanced away from just home school, so this week I will be sharing goals from home making goals to personal goals to frugal goals.  Today I am focusing on my home making goals because, not being a complete natural in this area, it tends to get neglected somewhat.  So here are my five goals which I hope to achieve in the next five weeks:


  • Hand stitch some kitchen curtains, as well as make some squares up in the same material to staple behind the wall dresser windows.  I will be using material I had hanging in our first flat to hide the washing machine in our kitchen.  I have always loved the cottage look even when we lived in a very modern flat, so I love this material as much now as I did all those almost 20 odd years ago:


  • Clear away everything around the dresser in the living room and swap the chest of drawers with T’s smaller chest.
  • Attach a piece of wood behind the taps in the kitchen to stop stuff falling down the back.


  • Buy hooks for the rest of our mugs and get them attached to the spice cabinet, so all our cups are hanging instead of taking up space in the cupboards.

Ribbet collageox8

  • Repair fridge door (the door shelf for the milk has broken and needs to be replaced)

So there are my five in five.  And even if I don’t do them all, I will undoubtably do more than I would with no goals at all.


  1. I don’t think your homemaking goals are boring at all. I love the cottage look of your home. I hope you get most to all of your goals accomplished.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. Audria, I do hope you find your very own home which is warm, cosy and safe. I am thinking of you as you go through the difficult challenges of moving away from everything you know and love. (((hugs)))

    1. Thank you and thank you!! I can’t believe how little my tastes have changed since childhood. I always dreamed I would live in on oldy-worldy cottage next to my mum. I am literally living my dream! Happy, happy sigh!

  2. Claire, these posts are in no way boring. You have inspired me to look around and try to add a little beauty to our humble home. These posts have also reminded me of a book I have read – The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer. In it, she speaks of doing exactly what you are doing in your cottage. So, keep sharing, please. I love your mugs; they add just the right touch of color. Your curtain fabric is beautiful. I’ve never heard “wall dresser” before, but it is so very pretty.
    I hope you are having a lovely week. 🙂

    1. I have a feeling I may have asked you this before but have you read her other book on Family? It is life changing and wonderful. Both books I read at least once every year because they speak so eloquently to my heart. Hope you are having a wonderful week too xxx

  3. The mugs look so nice hung like that! I have lots of mugs (fewer than I had pre-move, I donated several) but they don’t match. I love them all though, which is the main thing. Aren’t dressers beautiful things? There are two in my new flat – one is mine, in my bedroom, and the other is in the open-plan living area and it’s similar to yours, except reaches right to the ground. I’ve filled it with my stuff already! I suspect my flatmates weren’t anticipating that I’d arrive with quite so much kitchen gear…

      1. Yes, the move was quite recent and fairly sudden! I’m pretty well settled, still some unpacking and tidying to do but it looks like my little nest now 🙂

    1. Five really does, doesn’t it? I didn’t think though that I was doing five under four different headings which makes 20 altogether. I can be a bit thick some times 🙂

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