Personal Goals: Five in Five


This post is all about me!  Yes, I know – how incredibly self obsessed is that?!  No matter, I shall doggedly continue without guilt, because I think homeschooling mums can get a bit lost among all the, well, homeschooling.  In my quest to still be interesting to people other than fellow homeschooling mums, I am attempting to ensure a small part of me is developing away from my children’s education.  So here are my personal goals for this forthcoming five week term (because five weeks really does sound a very sensible amount of time to plans goals for, don’t you think?):

  • I want to lose the next ten pounds (as well as a few I may or may not have put on over the past few weeks.  I get the feeling this will be a life long battle….)  I want to be at 15 stone 9Ib or less by the end of the term.


  • Finish the hospitality book I am currently reading.  I adore having people round and we do it multiple times a week, sometimes multiple times a day.  Books about improving one’s hospitality skills are always fun to read!  Tip for the future: Never, and I do mean never, lend me a book.  I will take it in the bath with me (the only time I get two minutes of quiet to concentrate) and instead of looking only a week old it ends up looking like it’s been hanging around for generations (ahem):


  • For everyone’s benefit, I want to start actually going for these daily one hour nature walks, instead of just talking about them!


  • Make more of an effort to create a beautiful quiet time with God.  Right now I read God’s word at my computer or in my bed last thing at night.  I would like it to be a more anticipated, special time.


  • Finish chapter six and seven of the book I am attempting to write.

These goals are exciting because for me they are going to be hard goals to reach.  I am looking forward to seeing how well (or badly) I will do.


  1. Awesome goals! I carry books all over the place, including the bathtub, too. I am on the hunt for Teaching Textbooks answer key for our 7/6 book that is from 1992! Talk about old. Thanks for taking a peek, but don’t waste to much time on it.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I can see why they are exciting goals for you! I am also interested to hear about the book you are writing 🙂 I have the Karen Ehman book too, and should probably re-read it now that we have moved house! Thank you for sharing all this.

  3. Great goals! I would love to take off 10 pounds…but with all the Halloween candy, followed by Thanksgiving, and Christmas…I think my goal will be not to put any on 🙂

  4. Claire, want a weight-loss partner overseas for moral support? It’s on my list, too (and I have the very sore legs and abs to prove it!)

    That book looks interesting! Do you find it disheartening to read it, or inspiring? Does it depend upon mood?

  5. Ugg. That photo of fat just makes me sick! (Only because I know I have a bit?? of it myself. HA) I’ll be checking out that book. It looks good.

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