Homeschool Log Book {Plans 2022-23}

Homeschool Log Book

This year is all about following dreams and working towards chosen qualifications. In this post, I’m going to share our plans for schooling together (morning meeting and language arts), plans for Abigail (GCSEs) and for Becca (Level ones). I am hoping to up the ante this year for both girls.

Schooling Together

Morning Meeting

Each morning, I read aloud to the girls. My goal for this year is to read books which will support their aspirations for the future as well as reinforce past learning which will be helpful for exams they may be taking over the next few years:

  • Who Am I? Apologia text – We are continuing with the second in the ‘Who is God?’ series. The girls really enjoyed the first book last year, so we are all looking forward to the next one
  • Mystery of History: The Early Church and the Middle Ages
  • Usbourne Human Body for Abigail, to reinforce the Anatomy and Physiology work we did last year. This will also help towards Biology GCSE which Abs will start next September.
  • The Story of Science: Aristotle Leads the Way – this book is also primarily for Abigail, covering the history of science from ancient times onwards.
  • The History of Medicine – Again, a book for Abigail which I’m sure will parallel ‘The Story of Science’ somewhat.
  • The History of Art – This book is in the same vein as The Story of Science but for artists. So this one is for Becca to support her artistic endeavours
  • The History of Fashion – Becca has always been interested in fashions and textiles. Reading this book will support her textiles qualification.
  • Blackberry Inn – This is a nature study book, the second in a series of two. This is mainly used for Rebecca, but will go nicely along with our weekly nature study.


Both girls will be using Conquer Maths. We’ve been using this for years. It has a short video lesson followed by ten questions. Becca will do one lesson per day, whilst Abigail will do one hour per day. Abs is on the final year of Key Stage Three work, and will start her GCSE maths next year. Becca is just starting her Key Stage Three maths and can afford to take it easy.

Language Arts

I have decided to teach the girls myself this year and we are going to use C. S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe series, along with Further Up and Further In curriculum. I have also bought some books to go along with our learning. We’ll be spending an hour each day on this. Becca will also be doing a little extra. She is naturally a very strong mathematician but has always struggled with her spelling. So we are going to use the governmental resources and she is going to spend fifteen minutes a day with my mum, who is an excellent speller, which will hopefully help her improve her accuracy.

Nature Study

Once a week we will be going for a long walk into our local woodland. The girls have their own nature journals which I will give them free rein over. I may pack a picnic each week and really try to make this a special time away from the girls’ book work. I will also use a donated Nature Poetry book to read some poetry outlaid during our picnic.

Abigail’s Homeschooling

Environmental Science GCSE

Abigail will be continuing with the Environmental Science GCSE. She has completed half of it. The goal is for her to take it either June 2023 or June 2024. She thoroughly enjoy this and will simply continue working her way through.

Psychology GCSE

Abs will be starting Psychology GCSE with HomeMade Education. This is an online course with live zoom lessons. I’m not sure when she will take the exam. The course is for one year, but at fourteen I’m not sure she’ll be ready to take the exam. We’ll make a decision before the new year. She is so excited about this!

Sociology GCSE

Abs will be starting this course with HomeMade Education as well.

Apologia Chemistry and Physics

Abs has completed the first few chapters of this book and will continue at her own speed. She really enjoys this course and doing all the experiments to go along with it.

Activate Science Book 2 and 3

These are the official Key Stage Three science she would do if she was at school. I only have her read these and do the questions orally with me. She enjoys doing these and they are a bit of light relief compared to her GCSE work. Each book covers physics, chemistry and biology, which are the GCSEs she’ll be taking next year, so it’s great prep work.

Fun School: MEL Chemistry

MEL chemistry has been a staple in our house for the last few years. Whenever she has half an hour, Abs takes the opportunity to do a quick chemistry experiment! These are fun, no pressure, hands on experiments, and are always a hit in our home!

Fun School: Wild Environmental Science – Medical Science

This body science kit has over fifty activities for Abigail to carry out. I’m not sure when she will have the time (!) but I will be encouraging her to squeeze a few activities each week.

Rebecca’s Homeschooling

Textiles Level One

We are doing this qualification with Technology Triumphs. Becca has already completed three units with another nine to go. It is my goal this year to up the amount of school work she is doing with the hope of finishing approximately a unit a month. I think this year is going to really fun! The first few units are based around creating a textile product with an ocean theme. I think she will be up-cycling a charity shop dress to make it look a bit like a jellyfish! She loves fashion, so this is the perfect project for her.

Mixed Media Level One

Becs started Mixed Media level two (another Technology Triumph’s qualification) last year but I thought it was just a little bit too advanced for her. So I have swapped the qualification to a level one and it is at the perfect level for her. The first unit is using polymer clay for jewellery making. We’ve treated her to a new polymer clay set and she is very excited to get going!


Becs completed a one year calligraphy course last year. We have got her a new calligraphy course to consolidate last year’s work, as well as a proper calligraphy ink pen.

Artist Study

We will be going through the Impressionist Artists this year, starting off with Monet, who Becs started studying last year.

Scrawler Box

Becs receives a Scrawler box once a month, so she’ll do at least one activity each month.

My apologies for no photos. I’m in bed with a nasty infection Lillie brought back from America 🤧


  1. OH no! My son and I both came home from vacation with stuffy noses and scratchy throats. He slept all day on Tuesday and seem so much better now but I’m still plugging away at fighting it off. It sounds like you have a fun school year planned! We’re going to be doing lots of Psychology for my youngest’s high school classes since he’s determined that he’s going to become a psychologist.

    1. Oh, I’m sorry you’re not well also! It sucks being so close to the beginning of term, doesn’t it? I start school today but I’m just one big congested mess at the moment!

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