Weekly Homeschool Schedule

weekly homeschool schedule

In last week’s homeschool log book I shared the subjects each of my girls are studying this year. In this post, I am going to share the girls weekly homeschool schedule.

Weekly Homeschool Schedule:


Mornings are very similar for both girls and for Monday through to Friday:

The girls have breakfast and do chores. Abigail’s room chores are the dining room, whilst Rebecca’s room chores are the living room.

At around nine, we have morning meeting. This is where I read out for about an hour. After morning meeting, Abigail does an hour of maths and Becs does one maths lesson and will then spend the rest of the hour at granny’s to try to improve her spelling. We then break for half an hour.

At around eleven, I will be teaching both girls literacy for an hour and a half. This is my focus for this year. I’d love to help Rebecca improve her literacy skills because they do not match her intelligence or her ability in every other sphere of education. At the end of last year, I could tell they were beginning to hold her back, when academically she should have been able to move forward. This frustrates her. So, I am hoping that this concentrated 90 minutes will help her progress. If not, Gary and I will probably pay to have her tested for Dyslexia.

After literacy we will all have an hour lunch break. The afternoons will be different for all of us.



Abigail: Environmental Management GCSE for two hours

Rebecca: Level One Textiles for two hours


Abigail: First, Key Stage Three Science for one hour and then Apologia Physics and Chemistry for one hour

Rebecca: Level One Textiles for two hours


Abigail: Psychology GCSE Live lesson followed by one hour of extra Psychology study

Rebecca: Level One Mixed Media for two hours


Abigail: Psychology GCSE for two hours

Rebecca: Level One Mixed Media for two hours


The mornings on a Friday are slightly different in that we don’t do numeracy or literacy. Nonetheless we do still work. Given that Abigail is doing three GCSEs this year, and needs to carry out at least four hours per week on two of the subjects, I have left Friday mornings free for this. With this in mind, Friday mornings are as follows:

Friday Morning

Abigail: Individual Meeting with Mum followed by Sociology GCSE for two hours

Rebecca: First, Artist Study for an hour. Next, individual meeting with mum. And lastly, Scribbler Art for an hour

Together with a picnic in the woods, the children and I will spend Friday lunch hour doing a bit of nature study.

Friday Afternoon

Abigail: Sociology GCSE Live lesson followed by one hour of extra Sociology study. She will then tidy away her desk and her science lab in preparation for the next week.

Rebecca: Maths lesson followed by spelling test. She will also tidy her bedroom (this gets messy because it doubles up as her art studio) in preparation for the next week.


  1. That sounds like a great schedule! I’m not sure what our schedule will be like this year; I only have one student left and we haven’t yet started. I’m betting our days are going to be very short though.

    1. Our days have increased because Abigail wants to get the grades to possibly study medicine at uni. She loves to study though, so I don’t think it is going to be any hardship for her! Enjoy your short days, they sound wonderful!

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