IGCSE Biological Science – Microbes


Our biological science is based on the specification of Edexcel for their Biology IGCSE.  My goal is to very gradually work through the specification with the hope of digging a little deeper than is required and letting the children follow areas of interest.  I aim to make this study as hands on as possible and as relevant to the children’s own lives as possible.  Last week we finished up learning about Microbes from Bacteria to Fungi and Protoctists to Virus’, we have covered them all.  This is the place to come to for every post I have written about Microbes.  I have collated them not only to organise my blog, but to serve as a revision tool for the children as their exam approaches.

Microbes: Micro Fungi Part 1

Ribbet collage 2

Microbes: Micro Fungi Part 2

Ribbet collage balloon

Microbes: Bacteria


Microbes: Is the loo cleaner than the sink?

Ribbet collagebac2

Microbes: Investigating growth in the kitchen

Ribbet collagebac3

Microbes: Bacteria and yogurt Making


Microbes: Fungi and bacteria are intrinsically linked


Microbes: Virus


Microbes: Ebola Virus Study


Microbes: Protoctista

DSC_0398l's protista

For a comprehensive list of all my science posts please visit my Science and Maths Page


    1. Yes. T is taking his first next January in Physics, and the three older ones will be taking the Biology IGCSE maybe in a year or so (I’m not sure, it depends how long it takes us to go through the syllabus). IGCSE’s basically are 100% exam so no course work.

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