Living Maths, Anyone?


This week’s giveaway is full of fun maths books to help your child play maths.  I found all these useful when I took my twins off a curriculum for a year.

Ribbet collagebookgiveawaymaths

Being curriculum free allowed the girls to relax and enjoy maths.  They lost their fear of numbers.  That year of no pressure, fun maths, I believe was key in helping them to see numbers as friends rather than enemies.  Since taking the year out they have thrived on a computer maths program and have both now fully caught up with their age group.

This week and next, I will be giving away some of my favourite non curriculum maths resources.  If you would like one or all of the books you see here today, please email me.  Further information and my email address can be found on my books page.


  1. On a semi-related note, we live on an island with a large Ojibwe population – are you done looking at them or could you use some more resources?

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