IGCSE Environmental Management

IGCSE Environmental Management

This is just a quick post to share the first term’s plans for Abigail as she embarks on her first IGCSE in Environmental Management:

IGCSE Environmental Science

Our plan is to cover the IGCSE in Environmental Management syllabus in three years, revise and take the exam in the forth year. This allows Abs to work through the course at her own pace. Obviously if she works her way through quicker than that she can take the exam earlier. The point is there’s no pressure.


We are using the Cambridge Course, and have bought both the text book and the student workbook (seen below).

The goal is for me to plan out her studies. This will include reading the above books, but also lots of videos, newspaper reports and hands on activities.

My Own Planning for an IGCSE in Environmental Science

I have spent the summer going through the first module and putting together a folder of work:

I will be making this available as a pdf, probably after half term. This will allow me to iron out any problems or difficulties Abs might have to make it more usable for others.

Hands-on Activities

The first module is about rocks and minerals. I have bought Abs her own rock collection (or at least, rocks to add to her already quite large rock collection). And I managed to find a specification specific rock collection which includes the rock types she will be learning about:

IGCSE Environmental Science

Abigail started this course on Monday and enjoyed it very much. I will be posting each module on my blog in the future. In addition, the pdf instructions will go into my free printables to go along with it.

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  1. I will be really interested to read your posts about this, as it’s a subject none of my children have done before, and my 14 year old would probably enjoy it.

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