September Precious Moments

Lots of lovely learning going on in our house right now. Lillie and Ads have started university. Lil has thoroughly enjoyed every fresher event she could, and has had a ball! Ads has been out with the Conservative Club at uni for a pub crawl! He still managed to catch the right train home and pick up Lillie on the way and they both managed to get home safe and sound 🤪 He didn’t feel great the next day but did get an offer to go peasant pheasant shooting! Lol, when he first told us, Charlotte misheard and thought he was going to shoot the peasants!

Charlotte is keeping herself busy. She begins her degree on the 2nd and is excitedly getting herself prepared, as well as teaching herself French, Ancient Greek and refreshing her Latin on some free Open University courses. And she found time to write me a book, which she has just finished formatting, and is about to self-publish. I’ll leave a link once she has done so.

The littles, who are not really littles anymore, have begun their school. Abigail is enjoying her Spanish, English and maths classes online with Wolsey Hall. But she loves her Environmental Science and Geography GCSEs the most:

Here are some of her hands on activities: making an edible sedimentary rock, erupting a volcano multiple times and creating the earth’s structure out of playdough:

Becca has reluctantly begun her maths and English 🤔 but has thrown herself into her art and needlework. No change there, then!

She has been teaching herself how to embroider, and completed to samplers of lots of different stitches. Alongside the needlework, she has been doing a study of Picasso, finishing one painting (below) and starting another:

Oh, and I had to include some cute photos of our brood of animals:

We have also begun having a poetry tea party once a week where everyone can showcase their talent. I will be posting on this later:

My gorgeous son spent hours transferring (and cleaning) my computer from my old desk, which is now Abigail’s) to my new desk (which used to be Charlotte’s). Are you keeping up?! I shall also be posting about my new study space, which I LOVE so much!

And lastly it was my birthday last week, and I received three bunches of flowers, including 24 roses from my son and beautiful bunch of flowers from Gary which had lots of roses in too. I love roses so very much and my office smells divine right now ❤️

I hope you have had a wonderful September, making lots of happy memories.

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