Insomnia and the Sleep Clinic


If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you’ll know that I’ve had severe insomnia all my life. Like, all my life. Since I was a baby. Before the doctor put me on amitriptyline when I turned 40, I averaged around ten hours a week.

Over the years I’ve been offered Zopiclone, diazepam…you name it, I’ve been offered it. These are powerful drugs and yet don’t help my insomnia at all. I think mainly because they seek to treat the underlying anxiety which is often present in insomniacs. I don’t have that. I am just really really excitable and can’t switch off. #creative

Amitriptyline, an older anti-anxiety/antidepressant (at much higher doses than I took), acts by calming all the nerve endings (which is why it is often used for pain control). This worked amazingly for me. I had always said how desperately I wanted an off switch and amitriptyline provided me with that.

However, I really hate being on medication. The side effects, whilst bearable, are not nice. Weight gain, dry mouth…and worst of all a massive decrease in creativity. It’s all that electricity in my brain which is so bothersome that makes me so creative. And I miss that side of me when I am on amitriptyline.

Anyhow, my GP got in contact with me yesterday to say that she wanted to refer me to a sleep clinic. I have never been offered that before! I’m quite excited. The fact that I might be able to learn to go to sleep after almost five decades of really struggling is astounding to me.

I just hope that I don’t have to stay overnight. I hate ‘sleeping’ anywhere that is not my own bed.

I’m not sure how long the waiting lists are for the sleep clinic but I intend to blog about each session as I know many people struggle with poor sleep and there might be some takeaways that could help.

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