Reading, Watching and Listening

reading, watching, listening

I’m always astounded by how little time I have and how much I actually manage to read, watch and listen to over the course of a week! I guess one prioritises. Here is what I’ve been up to this week…


I finished Neuroparenting, which I talked about last week so won’t go into it again. I will say that it has absolutely changed how I view some of the things the government says and does. And I will definitely do a lot more questioning of the conclusions the government comes to, especially those they say are backed by scientific research.

Another book linked to my studies is Beyond Listening by Alison Clark. One of my assignments in the new year is about making sure children and youth are heard. Whilst I understand that listening to a child doesn’t necessarily equate to them being heard, I did think this might be a good stepping stone. I’ve only just started this, so can’t offer any insights as yet.

In addition to these two books, most of my reading this week has been of the academic kind. The module I’m on right now is teaching us about critically reviewing research. Whilst not entirely fascinating, it is giving me a good basis for my first assignment which is critically evaluating an article based on the Neuroparenting book.


Unlike my reading, my watching has been a lovely balance of fun and learning. This time, however, the learning is for my small business. I am so incredibly uncomfortable about ‘advertising’ my business on social media…actually I’m uncomfortable advertising it anywhere. Charlotte said yesterday that I needed to get over myself! This ‘getting over one’s self’ is easier said than does. I decided information gathering is as good a place as any to start. So I have been devouring any and everything I could find on social media and art businesses late into the night last night.

I’ve found a new to me YouTuber who is very successful and serious about her business. I watched a few of her videos – here’s the one where she talks about her business. I’ve already shared mimimoo’s Illustration channel here but I rewatched a couple of her videos about Instagram and a newish video about The Best Art Advice, which is really worth watching.


My favourite book to listen to this week, and one I finished in two days, was Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown. I thought I was going into this to read a book about decluttering but this was so much more! Definitely on my list to buy as a paperback so I can annotate, this is really a book about boundaries and I guess decluttering your entire life. Amazing and highly recommend!

I’m also still ploughing my way through A Room with a View by E M Forster. I only listen to this at bedtime so I am getting through it very very slowly.

A couple of days ago, I began The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Bearing in mind I’m really just at the beginning of this, I’m not entirely sure that I like it. I was expecting to love it. I mean, it is all over YouTube and people really like it. I think my problem is her wishy washy version of God. This is definitely a spiritual book and she quotes from both the Bible and many well-known Christians. However, she presents God as whoever you want Him to be. I understand others have different beliefs to me and I would have no issue reading a book by a Muslim or Hindu (for example). My issue isn’t with a different belief system, it is more that she has tried to make her book more accessible to the masses and in doing so has made God very small. I am going to keep going, but I must say something sits uncomfortably with me…it might just be me, though 😊

What have you been reading, watching and listening to this week?

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