A Letter from a Frustrated Teenager

human trafficking

To whomever this may concern,

My name is Charlotte and I am a 15 year old girl, struggling to find a place where I may play my part in the war against slavery, especially slavery involving teens and children.  I have looked into several charities and all have an age restriction of 18.  Whilst I understand the reason behind this is probably because they don’t expect younger teens to be interested and also because Human Trafficking is such a deep and emotional subject, I object.  I truly believe that age shouldn’t hold anyone back when it comes to standing up to injustice.  There is so little that I am able to do, merely because I am underage.  But this doesn’t stop me trying.  I have already written two novels about human trafficking and am planning a fundraiser for later this year.  I understand that human trafficking is serious and it’s an emotional and scary subject, however passion is undeniable and you can’t take that away from people.

Low standards in teens are something I struggle with as I believe everyone has potential no matter their age; I truly believe that I could be of assistance in fighting human trafficking.  I can reach out to other teens and do anything else an adult volunteer would do.  I may be 15 but I believe that, given the chance, I can work as hard as any adult, alongside any other obligations I have as a teen. I am willing to work hard and want to be a part of this.  Age shouldn’t be my limitation!

I believe that God has called me to play a part in this play and I am trying really hard to play it well.  But when in a play there are always limitations: mics not working, and lights not turning on when on stage.  My limitation on this stage is my age, and this is so frustrating.  I have all this passion and yet I have nowhere to put it: my pen runs out of ink quicker than I can think and then where do a put all my words?  I have done all I can think of as a 15 year old – I’ve written a letter to my local MP, I’m doing a talk about it at a local youth group and I write about it on my blog.

I have been passionate about this for two years now and it has given me a reason to quit being a stand-back teenager, because the trafficked don’t get to choose.  I have the freedom to choose my GCSE’s, my life path, my friends, my boyfriends…..the trafficked teens, children and adults don’t.  They don’t have any choice and I have so much.  And yet it feels like so little when it comes to this battle…..because of my age.

I am so aware that I have much: a family, friends, a life…love.  It breaks my heart that there are teens in the world my age who aren’t even sure if they have the next hour.  The only certainty they do have is violence, back-breaking work, prostitution or worse.

One thing I try to do is write about this and share it where I can.  I write raps, poems, spoken word, novels, short stories, factual pieces, songs…everything.  Words are free and I give them willingly.  I have felt for a year now that God is calling me to direct my life towards fighting against injustice and helping those affected, specifically young people.  Is there any advice you could give me, or anything I can do to pursue this passion that is in my heart from God?
Thank you for your time,


Charlotte has sent this letter to Christian charities which fight against injustice.  She so desperately want every moment of her life to count, but is constantly frustrated by the age restrictions placed on her with regards to human slavery.  I pray my girl finds a place to fight about this.  The future belongs to the young, and I believe they should have a voice.


  1. Charlotte, your letter is well written and filled with the passion needed to fight huge battles. I hope that the charities you have written open their doors to you.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. That is such a wonderful letter! I find that we have so many arbitrary rules about when kids can help and get involved and I find that I am often frustrated by them too.

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