Wintery Precious Moments {February Week Three}

I can’t believe I’m going to start yet another post with another infection, but I am  🙁  My littlest came down with a tummy infection, which I believe is just an extension of the cold/flu bug we can’t seem to shift.  She spent the day vomiting phlegm, with a really high temperature.  It started early at about 545 and continued on until after lunch.  She couldn’t even keep down water.  My poor baby, she even fell asleep sitting up clutching her bowl:

By the evening she was sucking on lollies Daddy had brought home and was feeling slightly better:

Yesterday she ate some rice and peas which she kept down, so hopefully she is on the mend now.

It has been half term here, and apart from looking after my baby and filling in a multitude of Photography LETL forms with Lillie, the children and I have done very little.  Lillie has kept up with her photography, starting a project entitled ‘My Environment’.  She will be creating a series of photos for my ‘Day in the Life…’ post, but without using any type of portraiture photography (the tutor feels she has enough people photos).  Here she is capturing my morning coffee (sans me):

The girls had three sleep overs planned this half term, although they cancelled one of them on account of getting very little sleep on the first one.  They had a ball though and came home full of stories and happy tales to relay.  We really do feel utterly blessed by the close friends the older children have.

Thomas has spent lots of time skate boarding and meeting up with his girlfriend.  They are out today for a belated Valentine’s Date.  Speaking of which, my gorgeous husband bought me some of my favourite flowers, Lillies, and a card in which he had written such beautiful words they reduced me to tears:

We had a lovely evening together 😉

Everyone has been getting lots of use out of the wii this week, and even I had a go!  It is so much fun!!  B6 is particularly good and almost always wins at bowling:

Lillie and Gary played a game of golf. I think Gary’s apparent nonchalance (with hands in pocket) is particularly funny (I know, it doesn’t take much!):

You can’t see, but I am playing tennis.  I was so so bad at it, that in the end I just wiggled my bat from left to right really quickly, with absolutely no skill what so ever.  I did much better that way, though 😉  Although I still lost.  To my nine year old.

And Charlotte filmed it all, I am certain for nefarious purposes of blackmail at a later date – look at the gleeful look on her face.  She is definitely up to something!

The girls are going to their first Valentine Karaoke tonight with the group of Adults with learning difficulties they help out with.  They can not wait!

Well that’s it.  Apologies for being absent this week, but my baby needed me, and given she is turning seven tomorrow, there may not be too many more opportunities for lots of snuggles and cuddles for many more years.  So I am taking advantage of every opportunity now  <3

We have the last sleepover of the week with Thomas’ girlfriend and the girls’ best boy friends (just boys who are friends) staying over on Saturday night.  I’m thinking there might not be lots and lots of sleeping going on!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Claire, I hope this finds sweet B feeling better. Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead of you. I feel the same way playing Wii. The last time I played tennis, I got whacked on the elbow. Ouch! My favorite Wii game is Mario Kart. If you can find it, grab it. It is so much fun. Take care, my friend. Hugs to you.

  2. OH my goodness! I really hope you can all shake this sickness soon. We love our Wii and the boys always beat me into oblivion. Though i can hold my own in basketball (I honestly have no idea how I do it as I just hit random buttons but I won’t tell them that!).

  3. I hope little one is better soon, it’s horrid when they’re poorly. My biggest (age 6) had to come home from his first Beavers sleepover last week before the sleeping bit as he had a high temperature. It sounds like you all have fun things planned, we ought to get our Wii out as I bet the kids would enjoy it. Have a lovely weekend.

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