Frolicking in the forest with the Parakeets


This week we had the rare opportunity to go for a walk with Gary tagging along.  It was great to have another adult looking out for the little two which allowed me to get some photos which I would otherwise have found hard to get.  All we did was wander up to the wishing tree and back again, but it was enough to blow away the cobwebs of sitting in the car far too long (it was after travelling back from seeing friends in Lincolnshire the day before)

Excited to be in the fresh air again:

nature walk 1

Follow my leader, whilst kicking through the leaves:

nature walk 2

Follow my leader whilst wading through the puddles:

nature walk 3

Best of friends:

nature walk 4

Leaf fights:

nature walks 5

nature walk 6

Cutie pie:

nature walk 7

It was towards the end of the walk that we saw Parakeets feeding in a wild apple tree.  Can you spot them?

nature walk 8

How about now?

nature walk 9

These are ring-necked parakeets are the UK’s only resident parrot.  There are apparently 86000 breeding pairs in the UK mainly in the South East of England.  Parakeets originally came from more tropical climates but from the Victorian times have been kept as pets.  These pets inevitably escaped, and finding themselves fully able to cope with the Southern English weather, they made themselves at home and began to breed.  They are now fully naturalised living in large (and very loud) flocks.

Nature walk 10

My last photo looks like my youngest twin has lost it and is now certifiably crazy.  For some reason, she asked me to include it.  So I have.  Just so you know, she’s not certifiably nuts.  Close, but not certified yet 🙂


  1. Your youngest twin is funny! Also, I am now confident in saying that I can tell the twins apart at first glance, which feels both an achievement and also quite creepy, seeing as how we haven’t ever met…

  2. Thank you L, I will bear that in mind when Christmas comes around! 🙂
    And I’ll have you know, I like me just as I am and if that means I am certifiably nuts…….well so be it.
    Love the photos of the parakeets mummy!!!!

  3. Amazing pics. Have you heard the story that the parakeets are descended from a flock that escaped during the filming of “The African Queen” at Shepperton Studios in 1950? I enjoy their exotic colours, but I wasn’t best pleased when they pinched all the foam that protected our trampoline net posts to use in their nests! 😂

    1. No, I have to say I am not a huge fan. I vacillate because I enjoy seeing an ‘exotic’ bird in the uk wild but actually really hate the noise they make when they congregate in our back garden!

  4. I only heard about the parakeets a couple of years ago (amazing what homeschooling teaches you!), and would love to see them. There are some unusual birds where we are, but quite hard to spot, and definitely not as colourful! Thanks for sharing your lovely nature walk 🙂

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