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What a very bizarre week it has been!  It started with a weekend away to visit friends in Lincolnshire, which before we got there felt stressy what with Hurricane Abigail making its way through the UK (that would be the wind, not the daughter), and a few mishaps prior to leaving.  Once there, we were spoilt rotten by our friends, ate like eating was going out of fashion (honestly the food was incredible), and were allowed to simply relax which was glorious for a couple of days:


If you would like to experience similar gastronomical joys and peace let me know.  Our friends run a B & B from their beautiful 6 bedroomed house and are well worth a visit.

We left Sunday night, travelling through the night and arriving home at 1030.  The children were exhausted, especially the little ones.  We spent Monday relaxing with Gary, enjoying a country walk, unpacking and generally getting ready for the week ahead.

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Tuesday arrived and everyone still felt tired and lethargic.  We pushed through school, hoping for an early night.  T’s physics lesson went on much later than normal, and as T finds it hard to switch off at night after any academics he wasn’t asleep until almost 11pm.  The next day the weariness in everyone seemed worse not better and by ten I decided it wasn’t worth pushing them any further and declared a few ‘inset’ days for teacher training sanity.  We all agreed to have this week off and work the extra week before Christmas in order to make up for it.  Gotta love the flexibility of homeschool!

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This actually worked out fairly well for me because I was under more pressure than normal.  I had applied to be member of the 2016 TOS review crew and needed to do a tester review (posted on Wednesday) and I am guest posting on another home school site and needed to have that written by today.  I am pleased to say I was accepted by the TOS and am excited about beginning a new adventure with them in the new year.

weekend 3

The rest of the family has spent the week colouring, writing, making jewelry and generally helping out as much as they could to give me enough time to do my writing.

weekend 4

Little L was really struggling this week with not wanting to be a teen.  I was very grateful to T for the support he gave her, writing a song:


And making jewelry with her:

weekend 5

Jewelry has been her solace this week and she has made lots of beautiful items:

weekend 6

weekend 7

Know that with T, exercise was incredibly helpful for coping with the ups and downs of hormones we have decided to seek out a second trampolining class for L to attend, which will hopeful help her over the winter when she is unable to get out on her own trampoline.

Maybe with support of her family, friends, a good healthy diet and lots of exercise we will see more of her beautiful smiling face which has been somewhat absent of late:


Today Lorna is coming round, which will be the light relief we all need!  Lorna never fails to put a smile of our faces with her unique comical ways and her lovely family.  By tomorrow we will be as right as rain and hopefully looking forward to a much more productive week.

That said as I sit here, T and C are composing music together.  And dare I say it, but the song sounds really good.  L is upstairs happily beautifying her newly decorated bedroom, which will hopefully be finished by next week.  For now peace has ascended in the angelicscalliwags’ household, which is just how we all prefer it.  Happy sigh.

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  1. The B&B sounds heavenly! I asked Michael yesterday if he thought I could swim across to see you. He laughed.
    Glad you all got a good rest and hopefully you’ll be ready for next week.
    That beautiful smiling face is enough to cheer anyone’s day.
    Have a most wonderful weekend with your lovely family, Claire.
    Hugs, my friend.:)

  2. What a lovely week of rest. I am on the schoolhouse review crew for 2016 too! I am so excited. They said I don’t have to do anything until November 30. It will be fun I think!
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Congrats on being selected for the review crew! It’s so much fun. I can’t wait to see your reviews.
    Again your children make for such an uplifting group. If only all teenagers had such support during their difficult times. My nearly 14 year old girl had bouts of not wanting to be a teenage too. She’s mostly over those, but honestly I have times where I’d rather not be an adult so I didn’t see why she couldn’t be reluctant to become a teenager.

    Have a great week!

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