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Spanish, French, German or Chinese {Middlebury Interactive Languages}

We were so blessed to be chosen to review Middlebury Interactive Languages and their online elementary course entitled  Elementary Spanish 1: Grades K-2:

Spanish, French, German or Chinese {Middlebury Interactive Languages}

How Does Middlebury Interactive Languages Elementary Spanish 1 Work?

As always, I’m glad you asked!  The Elementary Spanish Level 1 course is aimed at the younger students, from K through to Grade 2.  It contains twelve units, although the twelfth unit is a review of the previous 11.  Each unit focuses on one particular subject so that by the end of the course the children have a working knowledge of the following areas of Spanish:


Each unit has six lessons.  The first lesson of each unit follows a similar pattern including an Introduction to the topic; Exploration of topic; A story based around the topic; A story recap; Further exploration; Practice and a Speaking Lab.  The following pictures show the contents of lesson 1 in the unit about food:


The next lesson continues with lots of practice, a review of the same story as well as activities which go with the story (I’ve shown lesson 2 of the Topic Food):


The four lessons which follow are made up of lots of reviews and fun activities, such as:

  • Putting the story into order:


  • Exploring the topic (in this case school):


  • Exploring phrases linked to the topic (in this case the body):


  • Quizzes to check listening and understanding skills:


  • Speaking Labs:


and much, much more.

The lessons are colourful, fun and absolutely kept the attention of my eight year old daughter.   She was also able to download and print colouring sheets, the stories which were printed in both English and Spanish as well as a variety of worksheets:



How Did We Use Elementary Spanish 1?

A8 used this program completely and utterly by herself.  She taught herself to print out all the printables and created a Spanish folder for herself.  A8 is very motivated to learn when something interests her and this absolutely grabbed her attention from day 1.  This meant that she begged, almost from the moment of waking, to do her Spanish.  I was frequently thrown off the computer for A8 to work at this Spanish course.  Although I had planned to do it with her a few times a week, she ended up doing it daily for about an hour at a time!  Needless to say that apart from a few speaking sessions, she has completely finished this course.

What Did We Think of Elementary Spanish?

This has been one of A8’s favourite curriculum choices this year.  I basically logged her in on day one, went through the how-to page with her and let her at it.  And boy did she go at it!  She shared everything she was learning with anybody who would listen (and I am certain to a few who weren’t).  Daddy couldn’t even step through the front door on his return from work, before she accosted him with a torrent of Spanish words 🙂

She carried her self-created Spanish folder around the house as if it were a teddy bear, stroking it every so often…..

I am certain when I ask her to redo the whole course again next term, there will be no groans of protest.  In fact, I would wager it will be her idea to redo it.  And how often can you say that about a curriculum?

I can’t do anything but highly recommend this program, and A8 seconds the recommendation 🙂

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Spanish, French, German or Chinese {Middlebury Interactive Languages}


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  1. We enjoyed Middlebury as one of the best online and interactive language programs we’ve used that is set up for homeschooling. However, I found that my child still needed the classroom interaction in order to fully grasp the language in the way I did in school. We added a skype language tutor that helps a lot. But not I am enrolling my 15 yr old in a college class nearby where she can ‘audit’ the course without a grade, but will get the language interaction she desires.

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