Missing in Action…

Well, no, not really! But I am on holiday with Charlotte for the next two weeks. We are in the Suffolk countryside, staying on a gorgeous farm in the middle of nowhere. Gary and I thought a change of scene might be helpful for Charlotte as well as giving her and I a chance to understand her illness a bit better so that we might support her getting well again.

I am missing everyone terribly. Gary and I have never been apart for longer than two nights, so fourteen feels an extremely long time to go without snuggles from the man I love. And don’t even get me started on the children.

That said, Charlotte and I are having a lovely time reading, walking and chatting. And eating. There has been much eating. I may come back a huge blob 🤔

I’m not sure if normal posting will continue over the next two weeks. I shall certainly try, if for no other reason than Lillie has asked me to 🥰


  1. Praying for you, and hope this holiday is a blessing in the midst of the trial you are all going through, x.

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