Precious Moments

This is a photo montage of our week. Charlotte’s health took a big dip this week, and much of my energy has been focusing on supporting her. I’ve tried to prioritise family closeness, beauty and all things lovely. We are taking comfort in the rhythms and traditions which come rolling about with familiar regularity. Sunday brunch of waffles and fruit salad, and chocolate orange brownies:

I have continued my gardening each morning, usually accompanied by a menagerie of animals:

Remember the hazel sticks I cut down last week? Well, this week I made them into fire sticks:

I’ll be writing a post about them next week.

Poor Charlotte has had some nasty seizures which have caused her to clamp her mouth down on her arm and hit or scratch her face. She has absolutely no control over her arms and now has two patches of bleeding scratches on her face. However horrendous the last few months have been, the one thing that shines through everything is how close our family is. Charlotte is so very supported by everyone. Thomas has been incredible. He spent well over an hour just chatting to Charlotte and offering her big brotherly advice and support. He has offered to take the littles to work with him and has changed around his routine so that someone is with Charlotte all the time:

Ads is amazing and always there to offer hugs and support:

I so appreciate Lillie, who always brings light relief to any situation. That said, even she has had a few tears this week. One night she dragged her mattress onto the floor so that she could hold Charlotte’s hand all night to stop her hitting herself. Lil has grown up so much this year, and is building really healthy coping mechanisms spending time with God, talking openly with us and her friends about how she is feeling and sharing how we can support her…she has also taken up jogging. This may be her equivalent of me gardening 😂

The little ones have been getting lots of fresh air:

Spending time with their best friend, painting their new plant pot:

B is for Becca, A is for Abigail and E is for Evie

And doing everything in their power to support and help their sister, including transforming our u-shaped sofa into a triple bed with bear bags and every single duvet cover they could get their hands on:

You see the stuffed animal muff Charlotte is holding? Becca gave her that to pop her hands in so that when she goes to hit herself it is the soft, fluffy, stuffy animal that hits her face instead of her two hard hands:

Of course our scatty, rather dim chocolate Labrador is always on hand for cuddles and kisses:

A difficult week which was made completely bearable by the love that exists in our family. It is through the storms that the rainbows appear reminding us that sunshine is just round the corner.


  1. Oh, Claire, my heart goes out to you and your wonderful family. You are all on my mind often and I just keep hoping and praying that the doctor’s can work out a plan of action to help Charlotte real, real soon. In the meantime I am just blown away by all the love and support and all of your coping mechanisms.

  2. This is really the least important thing about this entire post but… YOU HAVE TWO CATS THAT LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME. I thought you just had one cat who moved around a lot!

  3. My heart is with your family. We are praying for you and so glad that love is seeing you through this very difficult time.
    Blessings, Dawn

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