Mystery of History: Lesson 19 – Moses and the Exodus

Moses and the Exodus
Moses and the Exodus

Moses and the Exodus: Reading

Moses and the Exodus

Along with the Mystery of History text, I read Exodus, and Wonders and Miracles to the girls. These are both excellent books, especially Wonders and Miracles – it is full of stories, poems, readings, songs and incredible drawings. I consider it one of the more special books I own.

The novel this week is a very sensitively written one called Tirzah:

The book describes Tirzah’s journey as a slave in ancient Egypt, her quest for freedom during the passover and the crossing of the Red Sea, to learning that the rest of her family will not see the promised land. I recommend this highly.

Moses and the Exodus: Writing and Map Work

I made up some Moses and the Exodus note pages:

Moses and the Exodus

Firstly, I asked the girls to give me a quick narration of the text book’s lesson. I typed this out and stuck it on the first note page:

Moses and the Exodus

Then they wrote the ten plagues around a wonderful piece of old art I found:

And finally I had them do some map work:

To use these notepages pop along to my freeby page or click below:

Moses and the Exodus: Activities

The main activity I had planned was to make some Manna cookies. We have made these for years so I don’t have a clue where the recipe came from. But, we have included the recipe in the notepage pack:

I printed out the photo and stuck it on the note page:

When the children were younger and we covered this lesson, we actually went on a mini Exodus ourselves, complete with Manna cookies:

To read more about what we did click here

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