Mr Men School: Learning Directional and Positional Concepts with Mr Nosey

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I buy all my Mr Men books from charity shops at between 25p and 50p each, so it is a bit hit and miss which ones I am able to get my hands on.  In this case I owned two Mr Nosy books which I read out to the girls:

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By some miracle the Latest Mr Men magazine had a double spread called ‘Getting to know Mr Nosy’ so we went ahead and got to know him!

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The book entitled ‘ Mr Nosy and the Big Surprise ‘ was perfect for introducing the concepts of direction and position to my girls.  Mr Nosy, in his usual nosy way, sees a door and is so curious as to where it leads he opens it and enters through.  The story is about him following the trail to a place he has built up in his mind to be really exciting, only to find to his disappointment it leads to a white room with absolutely nothing in it.  I thought I would take the girls on a journey of their own using the directions and positions I wanted them to master (for example up/down, over/under, in/out, stop/go and left/right).

A5 pointed out that each pair were opposites.  We had done lots of work on opposites when we spent a week with Little Miss Neat and I was pleased she remembered.  She asked to do a few work pages on opposites.  Each Mr Men magazine has a double page focusing on two Mr Men or Little Misses who are opposite to each other.  For example Little Miss Neat and Mr Messy, or Mr Good and Little Miss Bad.  Of course I said yes:

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Using their Thomas the Tank Engine toys T built a track on top of the table making sure he included an up and down (bridge), stop and go (traffic lights), left and right (cross roads) and so forth:

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I made a Mr Men vehicle which was a cut out from their magazine and each chose the Mr Men toy they wanted to drive:

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We had a quick lesson using the cut our Mr Nosy, where I used him to demonstrate what each word meant.  Next A5 took her ‘car’ with Miss Hugs (new character)  in and attempted to follow my instructions around the track I had made up earlier on in the day:

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Each day we repeated the same activity with a different track.  Sometimes I lay things across the track and I asked them what they should do (I was looking for ‘go around’ or ‘go over’).  This was such an easy and simple activity to set up and it worked wonders at consolidating lefts and rights  etc

Next we played ‘Mr Nosy says…. again using the set of concepts I shared above.  We took it in turns sometimes the girls were Mr nosy, other times it was me.

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  1. I thought you had stopped doing these posts, I am so pleased you haven’t! ( I’ve started looking out for the books in jumble sales and am paying on average 10 p per book!!)

    1. LOL! Yes I’m getting quite the pro, aren’t I?!! I don’t seem to be able to post a photo without graffiti-ing all over them – the novelty is sure to wear off soon!

  2. I wonder if the Mr Men books are more popular in the states than they are here. I remember reading them a lot as a kid, but haven’t really seen them much to buy for my kids.
    Part of why I say this is because it just makes me smile with happy memories to see the Mr. Men toys your kids play with because I had some very similar as a kid.
    Oh, and I’ve been meaning to say, you’ve fabulously improved your pictures and they look so wonderful!

    1. They are really taking off over here at the moment with major stores stocking themed products. They are such great little books and perfect for teaching with.

  3. I love the Mr. Men books and such. I don’t see many books around here. I saw a couple at a second-hand book store, but they were pretty worn. I think the activities you come up with are just fantastic. Thomas was very popular here for awhile. I miss him.

    1. Yes, Thomas was very popular here for years and in fact with the older ones I themed some school around him. I tried the same with the little ones but their enthusiasm wasn’t as great as T’s, who just loved him!

  4. I saw a few of these books at the charity shop the other day but ignored them! Im regretting it now. I think this is a lovely way of helping them follow instructions and directions.

    Thanks for linking up with the #homeedlinkup

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