Precious Memories


The week started off with Father’s day on Sunday.  The girls gave Gary some lovely cards, although it was the words inside of both of the older girl’s cards which had both of us quite emotional.  There is a special bond between father and daughter which the girls are appreciating and loving more and more as they mature.  T (being a typical son) chose not to get him a card but instead dedicated his first ever stop-motion animation to him, so that when the credits rolled at the end they were Father’s day wishes instead!

The older two girls, with the ‘help’ of the younger two made him breakfast in bed (a full English breakfast) and managed to refrain from decimating our kitchen in the process.  I was suitably impressed!

Ribbet collagepm 2

We have made it down to the pond this week and we are all enjoying the novelty of watching the ducklings growing up big and strong.  We also noticed that the male Mallards are molting.  We all love going down and it is also a great excuse for some fresh air and exercise!

All the photos are taken with my new phone!  I have at last joined the 21st century and got myself a phone.  I’m not entirely sure how to use it yet and don’t know my phone number to give to anyone, but it’s a step in the right direction, right?

Ribbet collagepm1These are some more phone photos.  I really struggle to answer the phone when Gary rings (note to self -you need to swipe the screen not tap it vigorously to answer), but I’ve mastered the taking of pictures.  When I say mastered, what I actually mean is that I know which button to press.  Mastery will probably come in the next century.

Ribbet collagepm3

Each Wednesday the girls have a friend around whilst the little ones are in bed and T12 is fencing.  A lovely side effect has been getting to know her mum, Lorna (top left hand picture).  I look forward to Wednesdays almost as much as the girls do!

Since the children have had their own computers they have all learnt how to change the screen saver on mine.  Throughout the day I get various messages, usually reflective of the state of their stomach – mostly along the lines of ‘I’m hungry’ or ‘ I need more food’.  I prefer messages like the one above.  Ah yes, messages of love never get old.  Messages to do with their hunger status, I could well do without.

Ribbet collagefriday 1

Ribbet collagefriday 2

I may have alluded to the effects of hormones during these tweenie years.  Each child is struggling to come to terms with all the changes they are seeing in themselves and I am once again so pleased they experience all this confusion within the safety of home.  Gary and I decided that increasing their exercise might help to alleviate some of the stress of these changes.  So as a family we now all belong to the leisure centre and the older children have been enjoying badminton, tennis, junior gym and daily swims, whilst Gary has been to the gym each day and I’ve been taking the little ones to the soft play area.  It has worked a treat, with all five children sleeping much better and the older one’s mood seems to be less up and down.

You may (or may not) be wondering what I am doing.  As the little ones require adult supervision at all times at the centre, I am getting my exercise by walking the 40 minutes home.  Having not done much exercise in the past three years, a fairly fast and long walk seems the perfect way to begin.

Since I have started to sleep I have lost 10 Ib without a huge amount of effort.  The weight loss is slowing down now but I would like to continue with a bit more effort.  Would anyone like to join me?  I am toying with the idea of sharing it on my blog and would love to have the support of others who also want to lose some weight and/or become a bit healthier.  If you are interested would you please leave a message in the comment or email me (you don’t need to be a blogger).

Gary and the older girls are going away for the weekend with their Sunday School group and T and I have planned late nights with Poirot and home-made pizza!  I hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead of you.

  photo 50ee37ee-4f60-43f2-83eb-bb7deb75fd49_zpsbacda61d.png


  1. Such great, happy photos! Exercise – that sounds like exactly what our family needs – good vigorous activity. We’ll see…. Have a great time with T this weekend!

  2. Will definitely be following your progress. I would love to drop a few pounds. Have recently made some food changes, but don’t see any definitive results yet.

  3. Sounds like a great summer. I like that T dedicated a stop-motion to his dad. My boys chose digital projects too.
    I’m really at a spot where I need to be more committed to exercising. I’ve gotten out of the habit and I’m having a hard time jumping back in with regularity. Please let me know what you decide on.

    1. It has been a good move for our family, although we’ve had to cut back in other areas to be able to afford it. It’s been worth it though!

  4. I love all of your photos but especially the ones where your children are hugging. Although I know my kids love each other dearly, there is not nearly the amount of hugging as in your family. I admire it in your family, but with mostly boys, the best we usually get is a friendly wrestle. LOL Yes, I, too, am trying to eat healthier and lose weight, so a buddy on this new journey for me would be helpful.

  5. Your week sounds as though it has been good, it is so interesting to read all your news. I could do with some walking at some time, but in the evening so perhaps one evening may be.

  6. I love looking at all your photos each week. The ones on the phone look fine to me, so give yourself some credit. 🙂 If you’re like me, you’ll probably take many more photos on your phone than your regular camera. It just seems easier to me, since my phone is almost always nearby.

    Walking is such great exercise. I’d definitely love to support you in the weight loss. I need to lose some of the weight that I’ve been battling. Moral support always helps.

  7. I’ll join you. I need to get into exercising again, and I’m just not wanting to at all. That and work on healthier meals, sigh, so not fun.

    It made me smile that T dedicated the stop motion film to him. That’s such a boy thing to do.

  8. I could stand to loose a few pounds, and a little more exercise might not be a bad thing for my moody ones either. Love your cell phone pictures – mastery clearly isn’t everything 🙂

    1. Hello! It would be great to have you join us. And yes, the exercise for our older three has worked wonders – it seems to have a real stabilising effect on their hormones!

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