My Little Cutie-Pie

Lillie and Becca have always been close. Really, really close. I think probably Lillie is like a second mum to Becs. Over the past few years, Lil has invested hours and hours into her younger sisters. And, of course, Becca and Lillie are my two artists and have a lot in common.

The relationship between the two of them has been very important this year, whilst my attentions have necessarily been on Charlotte.

Genuinely enjoying being with each other

Five weeks ago, Lillie began a full time job working at Gary’s golf club as a waitress. She works eight hours a day, is on her feet for most of it and only has a quick meal break for half an hour. Needless to say, she is exhausted. Ecstatically happy (she loves it so much) but very tired.

Becca has missed her so much. Multiple times a day she sighs and wishes that Lillie was here. Sometimes Lil gets back from work at nine, which is just past the Littles’ tuck down time. But Becca doesn’t care about that. Every night she waits at the front door for our car to pull up. She then launches herself at Lillie and refuses to let go. And her sister, who is completely exhausted, greets her with equal amounts of enthusiasm.

Suffragettes Unit Study

Yesterday, Lil came down stairs. She hadn’t slept well on account of the heat. Very quietly, Becca went into the kitchen and made her a pot of tea, some toast and jam and a pear. She laid it all out on a tray and took it to Lil, who was so tired and just sitting staring into space on the sofa.

This. This is the very best thing to come out of homeschooling. Our family is so close. And just like Charlotte squealed as she got in the car to pick her twin up from work, ‘I love our family!’ And I do. They are my most favourite people on this earth ❤️


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