Precious Moments

Precious Moments

The weather this week has been sunshiny and very warm. Our school week has been slow and leisurely. We’ve done it each day, but it has been at a much slower pace as the garden was calling us to spend as much time as possible outside.

The girls are enjoying the British curriculum we’re using for English and maths. I think I may do a post on them because I’m very impressed! We’ve also been finishing up our study on the Gallipoli campaign and the ANZACs:

I am pleased to be moving away from battles. I am a girl through and through and frankly, one battle is much the same as another, so they don’t keep our interest for long 😬

We are also getting used to Lillie working all day every day. Charlotte is particularly missing her…they attach themselves to each other the moment she gets home:

Thomas completed a many mile run in super quick time (yes, you can tell I don’t listen to ALL the specifics, but he ran a long way in a short time!):

He had his interview, medical, physical and mental tests for the reserve army on Thursday. He was away at the local barracks all day. He flew through the mental, most of the medical and the character part (unbeknown to him they were watching him all day and how he handled the three hour wait to see a doctor). Unfortunately, his right eye is not as strong as his left eye, so before they allow him to do the physical (which is the fitness part of the interview process) he has to see an optician and get his right eye corrected either by glasses or contacts (you are not allowed to do the fitness physical unless you have passed the medical). He was disappointed, but the army phoned him this morning and made it clear that he had done really well the day before and that they were looking forward to welcoming him on board as soon as his eyes were sorted.

Thursday afternoon the girls and I went into the nearby town and shopped until I dropped (they could have gone on for days, but I was really struggling in the heat). We started it with a Starbucks on Lillie (‘cos she’s earning now!):

Charlotte did so well. Her need to tic and seizure (she gets a funny sensation in her tummy which tells her they are coming) has got much stronger over the few days. We think it is probably because she has two hospital appointments next week. She has managed to suppress every single one of them, and remains tic and seizure free right now. It takes a lot of effort to suppress them and sometimes they just tire her out. But she refuses to let them dictate her life and she came with us, regardless. So proud of my incredibly strong daughter:

We went round every single charity shop in town and the girls came away with lots (and lots) of books, whilst I bought myself two photo frame for £1 each and a wired heart photo holder for £3.

Anyway, that’s it for this week, but before I go I shall leave you with a little glimpse at what Gary and the Littles have been up to… all will be revealed over the next few days 😉

Have a great weekend everyone!


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