The Mystery of History Lesson One: Creation

Creation is such a fun topic to study, and in doing so one can imagine the blank canvas of the universe as God painted His beautiful ideas into being.  I know some struggle with teaching their children about creation, but not me.  The very idea that we were created by a loving God, formed into these complex beings with souls blows my mind, far more than a purely theoretical account of the big bang ever could.

At the heart of the Biblical account of Creation is a God who loves us, who created our inner most being and who will love us regardless of what we do or who we are until the day we die….and then some.  A God who is omnipotent and omnipresent; a God in whom we can trust and depend on when we look out over the expanse of universe beyond our solar system and feel so insignificant….and perhaps a little scared.  God gives each and every one of us a life full of potential and full of purpose.  For me, teaching our children about that is a privilege; it is like handing them the keys to life and how it works.

Reading about Creation

First things first, I read the account from the Bible, followed by the lesson from the Mystery of History text book.  I love this time as my littlest snuggles in under my arm and my nine year old sits on the edge of the arm chair soaking it all in.  A9 always has her Bible with her and follows as best she can (given I read out of a different translation).

Narration and Copy-work about Creation

After I have read through the lesson, I check my Unger’s Bible handbook which is full of fabulous little titbits of information.  I then ask the girls some detailed questions about all I have read and sometimes have them do a narration.  This narration can then turned into copy-work.  A9 will often write her own narration without the need for copy-work.  They write on the notebook pages from BrightPress.  I then write out a passage from the Bible which they use as copy-work.  This takes minutes.  I also try to find some pictorial representation of what we have studied, be it a map, drawing or relevant photo.  This makes the note pages more informative and interesting:

Mystery of History: Lesson 1 - Creation

Creation Map Work

The girls simply coloured a map of the world.  I wrote out a Bible quote at the top of the page and helped them to label the continents:

Mystery of History: Lesson 1 - Creation

Writing Activity for Creation:

I had been teaching the girls how to write a friendly letter.  I had them practice by writing one to God thanking Him for creating the world:

Mystery of History: Lesson 1 - Creation

Multi-Media Options to Learn about Creation

Mystery of History: Lesson 1 - Creation

    • Mystery of History: Lesson 1 - Creation
    • Mystery of History: Lesson 1 - Creation

Hands-on Activities for Learning about Creation

The girls tried their hands at creating their very own original animal from plasticene, which they then needed to name:

Mystery of History: Lesson 1 - Creation

Presenting B7’s ‘Longitrunkydocus’:

And A9’s:

She named her ‘Zooallasaurus’ because it was made up of elements of all the different animals:

Eating Foods which may have been around in the Garden of Creation.  I bought some pomegranates (which were a hit), some pomegranate juice (which wasn’t) and some dates:

Next up is Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden 🙂




  1. There are animals are fantastic. Your children all have such great imaginations. I love seeing what they create.

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