Nothing Much Changes…

My younger girls have been doing some science experiments lately. We bought Abigail a subscription to two science boxes for Christmas. Each month she will receive one box from Curiosity Box and another from MEL Science. The Curiosity Box contains about four experiments in it, with instructions and everything one needs to carry them out. As I was taking photos of them I was reminded of similar photos I took a few years ago:

Pouring coloured water
So they pipetted......
and stirred....
The smiles say it all!
Is she not the cutest science EVER?

You never know what spark might light a flame which will turn into a passion. They still love experimenting and investigating together:

Best friends forever
Look at that delight!

Abigail has always wanted to do something science related, and just recently there have been some thoughts of becoming a missionary doctor, probably because she has been learning about David Livingstone in her school books at the moment. But until then she is happy to share all her science with her little sister who just loves tagging along:

The girls making some galaxy tubes and learning all about Rheoscopic powder (a powder containing thousands of tiny pieces of crystal which catches and reflects the light. In water they show the ripples and currents in moving water which would otherwise be invisible)
Galaxy in a tube

So much fun.

The arts and craft area for Becca was so successful, we are turning a corner of our dining room into ‘Ab’s Labs’, a sciency area just for Abigail. As soon as it is finished I’ll post a photo.

The two science subscriptions:

The Curiosity Box 

and MEL Science


  1. Those old lab coat and big goggle photos were exactly what came to mind when I was reading your post the other day – those used to be some of my favorite posts of yours. It was good to pop back in and see the girls still at it 🙂

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