Pierre-Auguste Renoir {Impressionist}

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Last term Lillie spent a few happy weeks learning all about the Impressionist painters.  She has included Renoir, Seurat, Degas and Monet.  She studied one of these artists for two weeks.  This week’s artist is Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir Resources

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was a French painter who was instrumental in starting the impressionist movement of the nineteenth century.

She used the following books throughout her project:

capture  capture2

As well as the courses found here:

Artist studies

Resources Specific to Renoir

Goals for this Study

Lillie read about Renoir and his paintings and created a scrap-book page with a gallery of Renoir’s paintings and a short biography:

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Renoir was famous for his ability to paint people going about their normal business.  Lillie chose her focus for this project to be the human face.  Faces are particularly hard for Lil, so she did lots of practice:

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

This particular study provoked a lot of self-reflection for Lillie, which she writes about on her blog:

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

She did a review of Renoir’s ‘Little Irene’ before attempting to partially replicate it:

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

This was her final piece.  As she had focused on the facial features she just replicated the head of Irene:

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Pierre Auguste Renoir

Another great study under her belt 🙂

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  1. I always loved Renoir; I had to do a self- portrait in college and mine ended up looking quite impressionistic. Your daughter has a lot of talent!

    1. I love the impressionists. We definitely could have spent a looong time on them. But time waits for no man, and she has moved on to Van Gogh who is about as impressionistic as any artist could be given he is deemed to be post impressionistic!

  2. Lillie is really growing as an artist. I haven’t had a chance to visit her blog, but I know Gracie has seen it. Keep up the fantastic work Lillie!

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