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This week we have been on our half term.  The children have been busy with all manor of artistic pursuits as well as a small amount of maths, just to keep their hand in.  We also managed to squeeze in a visit to the beach, my very most favourite thing to do in the world.

The weather wasn’t going to be great, but these beach visits somehow stock up my energy and enthusiasm for the next month of home school (we go once a month).  However, when we arrived we were blessed with the most glorious weather the whole time we were there.

T was off with friends for a paint balling birthday party so it was just Gary and his five girls:

Ribbet collageww2

The twins said it was one of the best days out ever, and I would agree.  I spent the entire time reading, whilst the little ones played in the small patch of sand and the older girls sat in the green opposite making daisy chains.  Does life get much better?

Ribbet collageww3

I mean how can anyone see this view and not be completely inspired by it all?

Ribbet collageww4

The rest of the week continued to be chilled in the extreme.  Usually the half term breaks are still busy for me planning for the next five weeks of school, but this week I have done very little.  I obviously needed the break.

Ribbet collageww7

I seem to have many photos of the little ones and not so many of the older ones, which is a shame because they were just as busy and creative as their little sisters.  The little ones have painted, made crowns, dressed paper dolls and made clay jewelry, as well playing dressing up (complete with goggly eyes), making loom band necklaces and hosting dolly tea parties:

Ribbet collageww6

Gary even managed to find the time to make a gate for our garden to prevent Oscar (our lab) from wandering down the track road:

Ribbet collageww1

And last but not least this is a card hand made by A6 completely in secret to give to her little sister:

Ribbet collageww5

It says ‘I am so sory for oll the tims that I wok yoo up’  I just though it was the cutest thing.  A6 needs the least sleep and no matter what time she goes to bed she always wakes up before 6am.  B4 needs the most sleep and A6 always woke her up.  This card is to say sorry (she has since stopped).

I hope you all have had a wonderful week!

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  1. That card is adorable! My biggest rows with my brother were always about the frankly ludicrous volume of his stereo alarm (loud enough not only to wake everyone in our detached house but the neighbours on either side as well!) which he insisted he had to have at that level, and listen to the entire song before he could get up. I’m pretty certain that sleep, or lack of it, probably causes most wars.

    1. Yes, B4 is not a happy bunny if she hasn’t had at least 12 hours sleep. A6 only needs about 8 so they are not the perfect sleeping buddies.

  2. Wow, all that creativity and energy is inspiring! What a beautiful restful week. I am sure you all will come back to your studies with renewed vigor. Your family is so sweet. The card is so very cute!

  3. What a wonderful week. The beach views are lovely. I am glad you rested. The card is adorable and you are so blessed to have a handy husband.

    1. Handy husbands are very useful to have around. And best of all he teaches T13 all he knows so hopefully he will also become a handy husband one day!

  4. Beautiful view, lovely smiling faces, adorable card, and a gate to boot – a good week all around! But those goggles – those are the best of all 🙂

  5. What a wonderfully restful week. I love your beach pictures. I’ve personally never been to a real beach. Your kids had another delightful and creative week. And yet again I’m impressed with the kindness and respect your family shows each other. Such a refreshing family.

    1. Thank you Christy 🙂
      I can’t believe you’ve never been to the beach! It has always been one of the most healing places for me. We try our utmost to go at least once a month.

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